From the Acting Principal - Ms Charmaine Cridland

30 November 2018

The following article by Brother Damien Rice was addressed to the Graduating Class of 2018.  However the message is just as relevant to our Year 10 students who finish for the year today, and will prepare to embark their final two years of College and pave the way for our ever growing P to 12 College!

"Wrap your life in simple pleasures; too many are lost living someone else’s life or dream."

November 14, 2018

By Brother Damien Price

I WAS out walking the other day and a jacaranda flower falling from a tree beside Schultz Canal got me thinking.

Over the coming days thousands of wonderful young men and women will graduate from Catholic schools all across our land.

What could our fragile faith community say to them and wish them forth with? Here is my go at it.

As you leave us remember life is a journey; enjoy it.

It will have its ups and downs, its twists and turns but value the journey and you will pull through.

Some around you will put all sort of value on titles but remember that life’s truly great titles are the simple ones; dad, mum, friend, brother, sister, mate and that many a king and leader wished they were remembered for these and not wars or other matters of state.

You will make mistakes for no one is perfect but better the risking and the failing than trying not at all.

You will be hurt in love but better to have risked love than grown old wishing.

As you journey may you come to know that the Earth is your mother, be gentle with it, caress it, listen to it and learn to love it; if not for your sake then for your children and their children.

As you journey you will need a compass; make honesty a compass point.

Honesty is often hard and you will be tempted to the easier path but really there is no other way.

All around you, you will see those who live by plastic pleasures and you will be tempted to do the same; march to your own drum.

Don’t die with the music, your music, inside you.

You will have times of hurt and anger, disappointment and betrayal, even with those you love but never close the door of your home nor of your heart; it is never too late to forgive.

In all that you do, be gentle with yourself; the hardest journey is the journey inward and the hardest hurdle to forgive yourself – but both hurdle and journey are worth it – one step at a time.

As you journey you will see violence and war and many will reach for the gun as the solution but remember that the Gospel reminds us that the open hand will always win out over the clenched fist.

Many a war and conflict is fuelled by fear of difference.

Fear not difference, for it is the bearer of wisdom and your enemy is just the friend you have not met yet.

Wrap your life in simple pleasures; too many are lost living someone else’s life or dream.

As you journey you will meet the bitter and the twisted but never mock love; the cynic and the bully crave its company.

Your feelings are a compass too – do not shackle feelings; neither be afraid to cry nor to laugh.

Trust friendship before the share market and integrity before false pleasure.

Judge no one, for your ego will always look for battle when there is none to be won.

Value self – just as you are – and leave the rat race, appearances and status for the shallow and the lost.

Set yourself high goals that stretch your inner self and you will always have a bounce to your step and a sparkle in the eye.

Share a beer or wine with friends but let the reason always be the sharing and the friendship.

Don’t waste too much time looking for answers; live life and enjoy the questions.

Put family before promotions, friendship before perks, relationships before envy.

I lost my dad when I was 17 and I was not there by his bed – so – never leave unsaid what needs to be said, nor leave undone what needs to be done; you will not come this way again.

On your journey when you are in doubt risk and hug and love.

Nurture self-discipline and remember balance; balance in all things.

Honour your body and the bodies of others; you truly are the temple of God’s Holy Spirit.

Cultivate compassion and make the hallmark of your life how you treated others; especially the poor, the weak and the vulnerable.

Never buy an “if only” T-shirt and better the crazy look of adventure over a mildewed mountain of cash.

But in all of this – as you journey – always remember that you never, never walk alone.

No matter what you do or fail to do your God is there walking beside you – the God who is awe, joy, love, peace and hope, and that God will always, always, always love you.

Oh and don’t be a stranger – this broken, fragile and yet beautiful faith community needs you and your dreams – as does this beautiful world.

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From the Head of Junior School - Mr Tim Franzmann

30 November 2018

Report Cards

End of semester reports will be sent home on Tuesday, 4 December, along with student class allocation for 2019. This is earlier than last year and this change will give parents an opportunity to meet with teachers if they wish to discuss the report. 

Transition Afternoon

At 2:00 pm Wednesday, 5 December all students enrolled for 2019 will transition to the classroom and spend time with their 2019 teacher. This will give all students an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the class teacher, room and class cohort. 

Uniform requirements 2019

Please follow the link to the College website for the updated 2019 College Code of Presentation. Please note a few updates in both the junior and senior school. These updates were explained in the last newsletter and many have been communicated throughout the year. 

Thank you for another great year, and enjoy your holidays!

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Mission Matters at Mary Mac

30 November 2018

End of school year Mass

On 7 December the college will celebrate a final Mass for 2018. Parents are invited to join us in the MacKillop Centre at 8.45am for Mass followed by a brief assembly to farewell staff and students.

SVdP Christmas Appeal 2018

A reminder to keep the donations coming for the St Vincent de Paul 2018 Christmas Appeal.   Prep to Year 6 students are asked to bring in non-perishable food items for hampers while our secondary students are asked to bring in gifts suitable for young teens and children to fill a “shoe Box” with gifts. We offer all these donations at our final mass on Friday 7 December.

Year 6 Reflection Day

Last Wednesday, 21 November, Year 6 students were involved in a reflection day. The students reflected on how they have made Jesus real and how they have grown as people throughout their time at the college. Thanks to Mrs Worner, Miss Carrol, Mrs Stevenson, Mr Hubbard and Mrs Dyson-Holland for organising and running a fun and very rewarding reflective day. Thanks also to Mr Joy for teaching the dance.

“On our MJR reflection day, Year 6 got together on the peer support program. It’s been great being a leader and helping others learn about the Spirit of Jesus. We had lots of fun. I loved learning the dance to the Year of Youth song.”   Molly Haig 6M

“Last Wednesday, at the Year 6 reflection day, we had time to gather and reflect on being leaders of the peer support program. Through this program we got to be teachers…teaching and supporting the younger students in the school to learn how to make Jesus real every day. It has been a great experience.”   Sky Warry 6M

Year 8 Reflection Day

Being grateful for all that we have in life is one of the keys to true happiness. Recent studies have found that counting your blessings on a regular basis not only leads to feeling more optimistic and enjoying a greater overall satisfaction with life, it can also have some pretty amazing physical and emotional benefits.

On Tuesday, 27 November, the Year 8 students took part in a reflection day to celebrate and express gratitude. The day involved many games and activities, a shared morning tea as well as reflection and a liturgy to thank God for all of the gifts and positive experiences throughout the year. Special thanks to Mrs Garske and Mrs Dyson-Holland for organising this wonderful time.

Family Connection

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus warns his disciples against the fatigue that can emerge if one becomes consumed by the anxieties of daily life. Many families are too familiar with the kind of fatigue Jesus refers to here. We may be concerned about a family member's health, our job security, our children's education, or any number of other concerns. All these are important matters. Jesus does not promise an end to daily worries and fears, but he does teach his disciples that they will have the strength to withstand anxiety if they stay focused on him, remaining vigilant for his return and praying for strength to endure all tribulations. Through prayer, God helps us stay focused on that which is most important in our lives.

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2019 Schedule of Fees

30 November 2018

2019 Schedule of Fees

Application fee                                         $50

Non refundable enrolment bond              $200

Senior College fee                                   $5100

Junior College fee                                    $2600

1 to 1 Laptop program

Supply of HP Laptop levy                        $130 per term

With the addition of a Senior Cohort in 2019, please remember what is included within our College Fees as taken directly from our current Schedule of Fees.

Excluded from the College fee:

  • individual instrumental/vocal tuition (external tutors)
  • instrumental hire
  • costs for representative teams
  • costs for representative sport
  • costs for subject based immersion experiences (e.g. French class trip overseas)
  • replacements for text books, student ID’s
  • optional courses
  • materials: Year 11 & 12 construction courses
  • calculators, clothing, tuckshop
  • student stationery
  • distance education courses
  • TAFE courses
  • optional: school tours, public performances, valedictory dinner, inauguration ball, senior jersey
  • Bus Transport to the swimming carnival


It is a condition of enrolment that a minimum of two week’s notice is given for withdrawals.  If a student is withdrawn from the College during a term, fees must be paid to the end of that term. 

It is important to note that if your child is undertaking Year 11 construction courses, you will be billed for materials.

Bus Transport to the swimming carnival is also not included and will be billed additionally to your fees.


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Christmas Closures

30 November 2018

Week 9 Activities

Homework club will not be operating next week.  Please make alternative arrangements for your children.

No beginner or advanced chess lessons next week.

After school art classes with Mrs Mitchell and touch training will continue next week.


Opening Hours over Christmas Holidays

The College Administration office located on Kratzke Road will be open from Monday, 10 December to Thursday, 20 December.  We will be closed from 21 December to 4 January 2019, reopening on Monday, 7 January 2019.

Junior reception will be closed from 10 December to 18 January 2019, reopening on Monday, 21 January 2019.


College Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Hours

  • 8.00am -10.00am Wednesday 23 Jan 2019 (fittings and orders)
  • 8.00am -10.00am Thursday 24 Jan 2019 (fittings and orders)
  • 8.00am - 9.00am Friday 25 Jan 2019 (collections)

Uniforms can also be purchased from Hannas Department Store in Ruthven Street.

Bags can be purchased throughout the holidays from the College Administration Office.

The College Uniform Code of Presentation is available via our website. 

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Autism Spectrum Workshop

30 November 2018

Please see the attached flyer for details on this Free local workshop.

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College Awards Presentation

30 November 2018

On Friday, 30 November, we hosted our first whole College Awards Presentation, recognising the successes of students in Year 4 to 10.

Mr Trevor Watts MP, along with Dr Pat Coughlan, Executive Director of the Catholic Schools Office, members of the College Leadership, College Board and Teaching Staff presented awards to students in recognition of their Academic, Sporting, Cultural and Spiritual achievements of 2018.


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Imagine Childcare & Kindergarten

30 November 2018

Imagine Childcare & Kindergarten - Opening Soon in Highfields!

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From the Acting Principal - Ms Charmaine Cridland

16 November 2018


November is all about Men's Health Awareness

According to the Movember Australia website

The state of men’s health is in crisis. Men experience worse longer-term health than women and die on average six years earlier. Prostate cancer rates will double in the next 15 years. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50. Three quarters of suicides are men. Poor mental health leads to half a million men taking their own life every year. That’s one every minute.

 Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing this health crisis and it’s not being talked about.

We can’t afford to stay silent.

So you might be asking what this has got to do with our College here in Highfields?

Well, it certainly raises great questions as to how we effectively educate boys and male teenagers to improve their overall health, both now and in the future.

·         How do we promote the overall well-being of boys and male teenagers?

·         How do we help them work towards be faith-filled people?

·         How do we help them flourish as human beings of integrity?

·         How do we help them strive for excellence and be the best they can be?

·         How do we equip young men to face life’s challenges after they leave school so they too do not become another statistic?

Mr Chris Gabbett – New Principal for 2019

Last week a number of you had the pleasure of meeting Mr Chris Gabbett our appointed Principal of Mary MacKillop Catholic College commencing 2019.  Throughout the week, Chris spent time in junior and senior classrooms, met the staff, Board members, attended a P & F meeting, met parents and members of the community in a lovely Meet the Principal BBQ.  Chris also addressed the students at the conclusion of the MMCC Remembrance Day liturgy on Friday and the new families at the Prep Transition Day.

Scattered in between these events, Chris was able to meet with the leadership team, our Business Manager, Marketing and Communications Officer, Administration Manager and Enrolments officer. These opportunities allowed Chris to see the potential of Mary MacKillop has as a growing P – 12 Catholic College and the endless possibilities as we move forward in 2019.

Leadership Structure from 2019

A special letter was sent home last week from Mr John Coman, Senior Education Leader from the TCSO advising the process and result of the Leadership restructure.  Members of the board, Father Brian and I have met throughout the week expressing some of the community concerns that has been raised with them. 

I will try and give you a bit more information around what this means for MMCC and the current leadership team and to answer some of your questions with regard to the new structure –

It was recognised by the leadership team that the current model – Principal, Head of Junior, AP Curriculum P – 12, AP Teaching and Learning P – 12 and a Mission and Ministry – was a largely a primary model and did not provide for a growing P – 12 College with balance in the areas of Well-being, focussed Teaching and Learning in the Junior and Senior sectors and an operational manager overseeing the entire college.  There was also a diocesan change in the RE role that takes on a lot more responsibility for RE curriculum rather than just an emphasis on mission and ministry work.

The leadership team met with John Coman at the beginning of term 4 and we were asked to identify the needs of MMCC going forward for the next 5+ years.  As a team, we developed two different models and the pros and cons were discussed. Each member of the current leadership team voted and their reasons were tabled.  All votes and reasons were presented to the TCSO to consider.  The model that was ratified and communicated to the families of MMCC was:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • AP Wellbeing Senior
  • AP Wellbeing Junior
  • AP Teaching and Learning Senior
  • AP Teaching and Learning Junior
  • AP Religious Education P – 12

New duty statements were written for each position and all members of the current leadership team were invited to apply for ANY of the new positions. Each member met individually with Lindsay Hawkins Director: Human Resources & Organisational Developmentand John Coman, the Senior Education Leader for the College to discuss their personal wishes and desires.

I have asked each member of the leadership team to prepare a short statement for this newsletter to announce their personal intentions from 2019.  

These staff will be recognised and acknowledged as a part of the end of year Mass, as it will be the last opportunity for all staff and students to come together. Year 10 students will have already concluded for the year, but are invited to attend the end of year Mass.  As Steve will be taking extended leave, we will not need to say goodbye to him at this time.

All positions have been advertised on SEEK and these applications close of Friday 23 November.  I hope to short-list that weekend and interview the following week.  It was not my desire for this to be pushed out so late, but the leadership restructure could not be rushed and each member needed time to consider the best for their own future. We will be informing staff and parents as soon as all the senior leadership positions have been filled.

All stages of the process have been considered and mindful that we are dealing with some long standing and valued member of staff.  As a community, we all need to accept and respect their individual decisions, and wish them every success.

End of Year Celebrations and Important Dates to Note:

There are a number of end of year celebrations and presentations occurring over these next three weeks, with information about each event coming through to you by way of “Edsmart”, our new parent paperwork that has been set up and rolled out this week.  If for whatever reason, you don’t receive information about any of the events identified below, please don’t hesitate to contact the College.

Awards Presentation (Academic and Sporting) will be held on Friday, 30 November in the MacKillop Centre commencing at 8:40 to 10:00am followed by a morning tea and ‘cutting of the cake’.  The awards being presented are for students in Years 4 – 10 and information about them will be sent out to you today. Families of the Award Winners will be notified individually and invited to attend.

MJR Awards will be presented separately on assembly on Friday, 23 November.

End of Year Mass

The Mass will commence at 8:45am on Friday 7 December and students will be able to return to their classrooms, collect all of their books and items to take home for the holidays and parents can sign-out their children with the classroom teachers once this has been done.  Year 10 Students are invited back to participate in the College mass.

No student is to leave the school grounds unless they have been signed out with a parent at 11:00am after the end of year mass. Students who are not collected at this time, must remain at the College until 3:00pm.

Parents must sign their child out with either at the College Administration Office (senior students) or their classroom teacher (junior school).

Last Day of School

Year 10 Students last day for the year is Friday, 30 November at 3:00pm

Years Prep – Year 9 last day of the year is Friday, 7 December – signed out with a parent at 11:00am or remain until 3:00pm as normal. 

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From the Head of Junior School - Tim Franzmann

16 November 2018

2019 Junior School Uniform Reminders – First listed in the newsletter 9 March 2018

Some changes and slight alterations have been made to the uniform code of presentation in 2018. These will continue in 2019. Please familiarise yourselves with these changes and for a comprehensive list of uniforms and expectations please follow the link to our website.

Junior School Girls Dress – No further dresses will be ordered as it has a slow stock turnover and is worn by a small percentage of students. It will be phased out over several years and Girls will be able to wear the dress while it is still in good condition.

College Vest – No further vests will be ordered as it has a slow stock turnover and is worn by a small percentage of students. It will be phased out over several years. Students will be able to wear the vest while it is still in a good condition.

Junior School winter uniform - not compulsory until 2019. In 2019 the winter uniform will not be compulsory for year 6 students

Junior Girls winter shirt – the white shirt will be discontinued in 2019 and girls will wear a blue shirt. This change has been made due to the impractical colour of the white shirt.

Sports Socks – Sport socks will be phased in for 2019 to be compulsory for 2020. These socks are only to be worn with the sports uniform. They will be available for purchase form Hannas and our uniform shop.

Junior Girls Hat – This item is still available but no further orders will be placed. This hat will be phased out over several years and girls will eventually wear the same hat as the boys. Loss of shape once washed causes a visibly hazard for girls. This hat falls off heads easily when running.

Please refer to the College Website for the Uniform Code of Presentation.

Sports Shoes Survey

In term 4, 2017 we trialed students wearing sports shoes when wearing the sports uniform. In 2019 we made a slight change to this process due to feedback from staff. In 2019 Year 1 to 6 students had the option to wear sports shoes on Friday’s only. Added to this only year 3 to 6 Students could change into sports shoes for PE lessons. We have had two years of instability with this requirement and 2019 needs to be the year to consolidate what is needed when it comes to wearing shoes with the sports uniform.

The College uniform committee is asking for feedback to the following two options to help with a decision. Please follow the link and select your preference. The result will help the uniform committee with further direction. This survey will close on Friday 23 November.

Option 1 - Wear sports shoes anytime sports uniform is worn, Year 1 to 6 only. Shoes must be predominantly school colours. Black, White, Navy, Royal blue and Maroon.

Option 2 – Remain with current arrangement – all student have the option to wear sports shoes on Friday and change into sports shoes for sport lessons other days of the week year 3 and 6 students only

Junior School Pickup Procedures

This is a reminder of the pickup procedures in the junior school. Parents are asked not to congregate in the Billabong area outside the year 1 and 2 classrooms. Parents should wait in Uluru, so as not to distract students still in class.

Supervision for students in the junior school ends at 3:20 pm. There has been an increase in students being left at school close to 3:30 pm or after. Parents will be contacted if children are regularly left at school after 3:30 pm.

Junior students who use the senior school are asked to wait for parents at the senior pickup area. The Ignatius Centre and other areas of the senior school are not to be used as a play area after school.

If parents have any questions about these requests please contact Mr Franzmann.

The Book Drop Off Has Returned!

All junior school classrooms will be open on Friday 25 January 2019, between 8:00 am to 9:00 am only. This is the only time for families to drop off books and stationary before the first day of school.

Planning for 2019

The Leadership Team is formulating staffing requirements for 2019. To help with this process we need to confirm our student enrolments. We would hope that all of our current students will be continuing their educational journey with us into the new year, however we understand that in some circumstances this is not possible. If you are considering alternative options, please don't hesitate to speak to myself, or one of the members of the Leadership Team so that we can assist you in making the best choice for you and your child. Should you need to withdraw your child, a Transfer and Exit form can be obtained from our Enrolments Officer, and two weeks’ notice in writing to the Principal is required to ensure we can effectively assist you with the transition. 


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16 November 2018

From Tim Franzmann – Head of Junior School

In three weeks, I will depart this College as an educator and become a parent only in our school community. During the past week I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the kind words of support and questions from families. I write this with some sadness in my heart as it is always very difficult to leave a school community. Even though I will be teaching at another school, my children will remain students at Mary Mac. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years as Head of Junior School and look forward to seeing many of you when I return for school events as a parent.

From Brett Rangiira - Assistant Principal Curriculum: Senior School

With the structural changes that have occurred this year as our College grows, there have been a series of new roles introduced for 2019 which will replace existing roles. This is a sign of dynamic growth for our young College! But with such change also comes a “changing of the guard”, as it were. I write to let our community know that my decision not to apply for any of the new leadership roles in our College for 2019 will therefore draw a close to my time at Mary MacKillop Catholic College at the end of this year.

I arrived in our College only at the beginning of last year, to a role as Assistant Principal Administration, with both administrative and curriculum responsibilities across Prep to Year 9, and then Prep to Year 10 this year. As resources became available, I then moved this semester into the Assistant Principal Curriculum Senior School role, to consolidate Year 7 to Year 10 curriculum, and to work with the teachers to lay the foundations for the introduction of Year 11 in 2019. Much has happened during this time, we have achieved the goals we set at the outset for this work, and I am confident that we are well set up for the years ahead.

As with any decision, personal and professional circumstances determine priorities, and in life these are ever changing. In my case, I have decided that now is the right time to pursue other goals, given the structural changes at the College. Next year I have accepted a role at another independent school in Toowoomba, beyond our Catholic system. I also intend to complete my doctoral studies in education next year, and to explore opportunities in educational research into the future.

I would like to conclude this message with heartfelt thanks, and deep gratitude, to all of the members of this wonderful community, staff, students and parents, who have made my time here so enjoyable and rewarding. I will take only great memories with me of my time at Mary MacKillop. I have loved being here and have learnt so much. But if there is one memory that I am sure I will never forget (as I get progressively older), it is of a Year 1 student dancing his way out of the MacKillop Center after one College liturgy. As he danced his way out of the building, he turned to me, candid and joyful, and said “sometimes the groove just takes over my body”. In that moment he captured for me all that Pope Francis said in his 2013 apostolic exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel, and in some way, all that we strive for in Catholic education: life to the full. May we know this in our own lives, and bring it to fruition in the lives of the young people we form here at Mary MacKillop. Best wishes for the years ahead!

From Mark Gregson - Assistant Principal: Teaching and Learning

It is with great sadness that I announce to the community my intention to leave Mary MacKillop Catholic College at the end of 2018 and relocate to a school in Toowoomba.

This decision was not an easy one for me as I have really enjoyed and appreciated the fantastic staff and students here at Mary MacKillop as well as the welcoming and supportive parent and extended parish community that exists here.

Over the last three years at Mary MacKillop I have worked in a dual role as Senior School teacher and Assistant Principal: Teaching and Learning. During this time all members of Mary MacKillop have been working extremely hard to build this school to be the best P-12 school that it can be. This level of prolonged work mixed with constant change management has been very intense, demanding and exhausting.

As you may or may not be aware, I took emergency family leave for nearly all of Term 3 to care for and support my family. During this time I considered many different possible future options that would enable for me to continue this support for my family post Term 3. When I returned in Term 4, the leadership team met with the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office (TCSO) to investigate potential models of leadership for the school moving forward and a preferred model was chosen.

All existing leadership members were given the opportunity to submit an expression of interest for a preferred new role or for a role comparable to the role in which they are currently working. It was at this time that I made my decision not to submit my expression of interest and request a relocation into a Toowoomba school where I can take up a teaching role that will enable me to be more available to my family.

Please be optimistic for the great potential of things to come and be supportive of the new Principal and leadership team so that the Mary MacKillop community can too move forward with positivity and vision for a shared future together.  

On behalf of Steve Moyle

Steve Moyle is on leave at the moment and I have his permission to inform you that he is taking an extended period of long service leave commencing 2019.  

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Laptops for Senior School

16 November 2018

LAPTOPS - A reminder to all families with students in the Senior School for 2019:

Families with students enrolled in the Senior School in addition to current Year 7-9’s will only be provided with laptops by the College on the proviso their School Fees are up to date, or alternatively have entered into a payment plan with the Business Manager.

The cost of these laptops will be billed to families each term at $130 over a 3 year period, at which point you may purchase outright with a final payment of $20 (total cost to families - $1,580)

Please contact Kirsty Gillett if you have any questions.

Kirsty Gillett

Business Manager

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Mission Matters

16 November 2018


On 9 November at 8:40am our whole College gathered in the MacKillop Centre to honour the 100th anniversary of Remembrance Day which has even greater significance in 2018 as Sunday, 11 November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War (1914–18).

One hundred years ago, on 11 November 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after four years of continuous warfare. With their armies retreating and close to collapse, German leaders signed an Armistice, bringing to an end the First World War. From the summer of 1918, the five divisions of the Australian Corps had been at the forefront of the allied advance to victory. Beginning with their stunning success at the battle of Hamel in July, they helped to turn the tide of the war at Amiens in August, followed by the capture of Mont St Quentin and Pèronne, and the breaching of German defences at the Hindenburg Line in September. By early October the exhausted Australians were withdrawn from battle. They had achieved a fighting reputation out of proportion to their numbers, but victory had come at a heavy cost. They suffered almost 48,000 casualties during 1918, including more than 12,000 dead.

In the four years of the war more than 330,000 Australians had served overseas, and more than 60,000 of them had died. The social effects of these losses cast a long shadow over the postwar decades.

Thank you to the following Year 7-10 student leaders to volunteered to help lead this significant ritual:

  • Year 7: Elise Scrivens, Caleb Mifsud.
  • Year 8: Katelyn Haddow, Reagan Pugsley
  • Year 9: Gabby Dezdjek, Nathan Haddow.
  • Year 10: Connor McKerrow, Caitlin Long.

Saint Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal 2018

All are invited to donate to the St Vincent de Paul (SVdP) 2018 Christmas Appeal. Prep to Year 6 classes will be donating food hampers while our secondary students will be giving “Shoe Box” gifts. We will offer all of these donations at our final mass on Friday 7 December.

Year 6 Reflection Day

Next Wednesday 21 November, Year 6 students will be involved in a reflection day. Students will reflect on how they have made Jesus real and how they have grown as people throughout their time at the College as they prepare for their Rite of Passage in Week 9. Thank you to the year 6 teachers, students and Mrs Justine Worner for all your hard work and dedication in endeavouring to Making Jesus Real in our College.

Family Connection

Many things in our lives and in our world are subject to change. Yet all of us find security in relationships and values that endure. Foremost among these are our family relationships. We can confidently accept change if we know that we will continue to be loved by our family and by God. We help impart this sense of trust and confidence in our children with our daily assurances to them that nothing can change our love for them.

As you gather as a family observe and talk about things that have changed in your family life over the years. Talk also about the things that have stayed the same. We do not need to fear changes in our family life because we know that the most important aspects of our family life do not change, such as our love for one another. The same is true with God and God’s love for us. Read today’s Gospel, Mark 13:24-32. Jesus teaches us that things in our world will change and that the world itself will one day end. We don’t need to be fearful because God’s love for us will never end. Conclude in prayer together thanking God his never-ending love for us. Pray together as a family.


Check the College calendar for further details.

6 December


Year 6 Rite of Passage

7 December


WHOLE COLLEGE- Thanksgiving-Year of Youth 2018

1st Sunday of Advent- 2 December

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Music News

16 November 2018

Christmas Concert – Tuesday, 4 December at 5pm

This year’s Christmas Concert looks to be a very entertaining evening with Prep to Year 4 cohort choirs set to perform festive songs along with the College music ensembles and drama groups.

A note will be coming out shortly with further details, however I encourage families to make the date available in their schedule as students have been working very hard to prepare a wonderful concert.

After the Concert the P&F are providing a free sausage sizzle and drinks to purchase to congratulate the students and their families on their efforts in the area of Arts this year. I thank the P&F for their generosity in this.

Instrumental Lessons

Now is an excellent time to be considering enrolling your child in instrumental lessons for 2019. We have many instruments on offer as well as some to hire from the College. Please consult the College Website for more information and enrolment forms. It would be excellent to have students enrol to learn Brass and Woodwind instruments as there are many on offer to hire currently.

Information regarding instruments available and enrolment can be found in the following link:

AMEB Exams

Recently, Adele Adams, Samara O’Leary Farrelly and Ruben Kruger completed AMEB exams and received excellent results with the support of their teacher Janelle Fletcher. Today they received their awards on Assembly. The College congratulates you on your commitment in preparing for these exams. Well done!

  • Piano For Leisure Grade 2 – Adele Adams
  • Musical Theatre Grade 1 – Samara O’Leary Farrelly
  • Musical Theatre Grade 1 – Ruben Kruger

Thank you

Earlier this term a number of senior students assisting with providing music at the Senior School Mass. I would like to congratulate these students on their hard work and commitment in preparing for the event as it is never easy to get up and perform in front of others. Thank you to Elise Scrivens, Isaac Williams, Charlotte Voll, Gemma Tancred, Celine Samin and Mr Nicholas Joy for their assistance in providing music ministry as well as Rohan McKerrow and Zeke McColl for assisting at the sound desk.

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Earthworks at 77 Highfields Road

16 November 2018

The following notice is for residents surrounding 77 Highfields Road, Highfields.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to tidy up 77 Highfields Road.

We apologise for the noise and dust that has been created by this process.

The final day of earthworks will take place on Saturday, 17 November, at which time we expect the site to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Saturday’s work will include a grader in addition to the trucks on site.

Should you have any questions regarding these works, please direct your enquiry to Shayne Cleary on 0417 050 173.

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Camp Australia Holiday Program

16 November 2018

Please see the attached flyers regarding the Camp Australia Holiday Programs.

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WANTED: Fabric or Sewing Items

16 November 2018

Are you spring cleaning?

Do you have any fabric or sewing bits and pieces you no longer want?

The Textiles classes would love to help you to declutter and make use of any fabric, notions (buttons, zips, lace etc).

If you would like to donate, please leave your items at the College Administration Office.

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Movember - Support the cause!

16 November 2018

During the month of November, several staff members are growing a Mo to raise awareness for Men’s health in Australia. We are 2 weeks in and we need your help. The Movember Foundation is the leading charity changing the face of men's health. Together we can make a difference for men's health in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Help us stop men dying too young. We are raising funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives. Mary MacKillop need your help. Please donate to support men's health.

Donate here:

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Parish Golf Day Winner

16 November 2018

The winner of the Toyworld $500 voucher was Rosie Vince.  

Thank you to all those who participated in our Parish Fundraiser!

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Senior School Social

16 November 2018

A reminder that the Senior School Social is on Friday, 23 November from 6:30 - 9:30pm.

This event is for all Years 7 to 10 students and will be held in the MacKillop Centre.

$5 Entry

Drinks and snacks available for purchase.

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Safe on Social Media

16 November 2018

The following information has been provided by  Visit their website for more information on how to keep your child safe online!

If you haven’t upgraded your child’s iPhone to iOS 12 here is the reason to do it now.

Apple has created a new set of parental control functions known as “Screen Time” Screen Time works via Family Sharing, so as long as your children are part of your "Family" in the Family Sharing settings of your Apple device, you will be able to view and control their Screen Time options from your phone.

If the child has an iPhone, and the parent has an Android phone, Screen Time settings can be set on the child’s device. Unfortunately, the parent will have to access the child’s phone to see screen time information or make changes to the settings. The best situation is for the parent and child to both have iPhones and connected with Family Sharing.

Turn on Screen Time

You will need to turn on and set up Screen Time on all the devices owned and used by your children. This is done in the Screen Time section of the Settings app. Open up the Settings. - Navigate to the “Screen Time section.” - Choose “Turn on Screen Time.”

Choose “Continue” When you see the introductory screen asking whether this is your iPhone or your child’s iPhone, select “This is My Child’s iPhone.” After you have turned Screen Time on, you can set Downtime, which is a set period of time in which your child will be blocked from using the iPhone, or App Limits, which will restrict certain app categories.

You can also choose Content and Privacy settings, which we explained further below. When your child’s device is on your Family Share iCloud account, you can make changes remotely from your (the parent’s) device, by tapping on a child’s name in the Screen Time section of the Settings app, listed under the parent’s own Screen Time usage.

Alternatively, Downtime and App Limits selections for your child can be adjusted directly on their device by going to the Settings app and selecting Screen Time on their device. Parental controls only work if they are not altered by the child they are protecting. All of the App Limits, Downtime, and Content Restrictions are protected via a passcode. The passcode restricts changes to the Screen Time settings and must be entered to allow more usage time to children when limits have been reached.


Downtime sets a schedule that allows you to choose when your child cannot use certain apps on their iPhone or iPad. During Downtime, only apps that the parent designates in “Always Allowed” and phone calls will be available. We recommend Snapchat or Instagram is restricted during school hours.

You turn on blocking for Downtime to prevent apps from being used entirely, but Apple gives you a non-blocking option when you want your child reminded that apps shouldn’t be used at certain times.

App Limits

App Limits allows you to finely control how much time your children spend on certain categories of apps. With App Limits, you can set restrictions on either All Apps or by Categories such as Social Networking, Games, Entertainment, Creativity, Productivity, Education, Reading & Reference, Health & Fitness, and Other.

After the App Limit has been reached, apps will be locked with an hourglass symbol and a passcode will be required to enable more time. Children can ask for more time through the app. The parent can remotely approve or deny their child’s request for more time directly from their device.You can also set less restrictive rules that serve as more of a reminder by turning off blocking with App Limits.

Always Allowed

With Downtime and App Limits, the parent can designate certain apps to be “Always Allowed.” These apps will be accessible at all times even when Downtime and App Limits are enabled. Apple makes Phone, Messages, FaceTime, and Maps as always available apps, but you can select any apps that you want through the Always Allowed app interface, accessible under “Always Allowed” in the Screen Time section of Settings on a child’s device.You can remove access to all apps, including Messages, with the exception of the phone, which remains available to children in case of emergencies.

Content Restrictions

Content Restrictions have expanded to include preventing a child from changing the passcode on their device, restricting account changes, limit volume, and automatically turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving.

A parent can also set privacy settings for everything from location services (GPS) to advertising preferences. For example, if a parent wanted to make sure they could always access their child’s location, they can turn on Location Services and select Share My Location, and also limit GPS use on other apps.

Accessing Content & Privacy restrictions requires an adult to input a Content & Privacy passcode, which prevents children from changing these settings.

Kirra Pendergast - Director, Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd

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Year 9 Healing Hands Cook-up

16 November 2018

Last Thursday we had our last youth ministry cook-up for Healing Hands for the year. We had a lot of fun. We even had time to dance the Nutbush while awaiting our muffins to cook. One of the things I love about our College is the whole Prep to 12 aspect. We had Flynn Albion, Darby Richardson and the Worner boys from the junior school join us, along with Christie, Sean, Viv and Connie. To see Lawson and Josh teaching Flynn (Prep) to chop sausages was to see the Spirit of Jesus alive in our College.

Thank you so much for supporting us with either ingredients, cooking, or arranging your time so that your child could cook with us. Without the amazing support from families donating ingredients we wouldn’t be able to provide this valuable service. I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking with the students this year and am confident they have valued the experience too.

Justine Worner

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Crave Christmas Spectacular

16 November 2018

Mark your calendars for this fantastic Christmas event!

See the attached flyer for more information or visit the Crave Facebook Page:

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Youth Group

16 November 2018

Youth Group is on this Friday, 16 November at the Highfields Hub from 6:00 - 8:00pm

Please bring a plate to share.

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From the Acting Principal - Ms Charmaine Cridland

2 November 2018


Not enough time to take time for myself?

Today the important has been consumed by the urgent and the necessary: shopping, household chores, parental responsibilities, etc, etc. The traffic was impossible: deafening horns, shocking drivers (not me of course), interminable waiting, soaring petrol prices. At times it almost overwhelms me. I understand Mary’s sentiments when she wrote I would gladly creep into some old hole and hide myself from every eye (1874)

Sometimes I think I’ve allowed myself to become addicted to speed. I can reach a state where it’s nigh impossible for a Loving Divine Presence to get through to me. I get shaken up and I don’t allow myself to stop and be quiet within.  If I could do this, I might not forget so easily to be open to a God who is there in it all. If we forget, God does not (1884).

Then I might be able to respond to life, rather than be controlled but it, where I simply react and allow hurry and fuss to destroy my peace.

Be still and know I am God (Ps 46:10)


The arrival of incoming Principal, Mr Christopher Gabbett

Mr Gabbett will be visiting the College as soon as next week to meet with staff, students and parents.  Mr Gabbett will be onsite at Mary MacKillop Catholic College at various stages throughout the week commencing Monday, 5 November, in conjunction with his attendance at the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office Principal’s Forum being held in Toowoomba.

The itinerary has been prepared with the intention for Mr Gabbett to have ample opportunities to meet with members of our College community. With this in mind, arrangements are being made for a ‘Meet the Principal’ evening and a Meet and Greet Morning Tea throughout the week.  Further information on these events will be sent to you by email and through our College App in the coming days.

Year 10 Finish Date

A reminder that our Year 10 students will conclude the year on Friday, 30 November.  All other students in Prep to Year 9 will conclude on Friday, 7 December.  Year 10 students are invited to attend our End of Year Mass along with our whole College Community on Friday, 7 December. Check the online calendar for further details. 

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