Music Update

12 October 2017


Congratulations to the following students who performed beautifully at the Arts Assembly on Wednesday, 13 September and at the Mary MacKillop Day on Friday, 15 September:

Year 2/3 Choir

Kokoda Cadzow-Smith

Bronte Gillett

Adele Adams, Gabriella Semmens and Lucy Aleksandrowicz

Senior Dance Troupe

Concert Band

Senior Singers Choir

Year 4/5/6 Choir

Holly Hutchison

Ruben Kruger



Over the holidays, the College purchased a lovely Kawai piano from the local Paroz family. This piano will be permanently located in the large music studio. It is the first acoustic piano the College has owned, and will be a great addition to our music program. The College has also recently purchased some brand new Yamaha electric guitars and amps for our Guitar Ensemble to use in rehearsals and concerts.


Please save the date for the College’s Twilight Summer Concert on Friday, 17 November. Many of our talented music students will be given an opportunity to perform in this exciting concert.


The College now owns the Music Composing software, Sibelius. This software will be used in the Senior School to assist our music students with their composition assessment tasks.


Good luck to the following students who are in the final preparations for their upcoming music exams:

Jack Haddow (Trumpet)

Monique George (Flute)

Keira Lucy (Flute)

Max Penhaligon (Flute)

Monica Murphy (Clarinet)

William Heinemann (Saxophone)

Elliott Worner (Saxophone)

Madeleine Dobson (Piano)

Dylan Baryla (Trombone)

Rebecca George (Piano)



“In music, a mistake is a mistake; the instrument is in tune or not, the notes are well played or not, the entrance is made or not. It is only by much hard work that a successful performance is possible. Through music study, students learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work.”



Natalie Otto

Head of Music

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Prep excursion to Amaroo

12 October 2017

During the first week back this term, the Prep students enjoyed an excursion to Amaroo to participate in a program called 'Being a Mini Murray'. 

The program aims to educate students on Aboriginal cultural differences including food and how it's caught, gathered and prepared, natural medicines, bush houses and soaps.  The students also learnt to say the names of some Australian animals in the native language of Jarowair as well as their native dance.

Take a look at the photos from the day.

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Senior School Report - Internet Safety, Leave and Exam Timetables

12 October 2017

Internet Safety

Last week I attended a student wellbeing conference in Brisbane held by QCEC. One of the speakers was former detective Brett Lee who worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of which as a detective in the field of Child Exploitation. I found his presentations extremely informative, overwhelming and comforting all at the same time. He gave great insight into what can and does happen to children online or on phones / devices. Some interesting points raised include:

  • Those bullied online were often ones who had shared images;
  • If an app / program is free, you are not the customer but the product as these companies sell your information;
  • The vast majority of children DON’T use the internet inappropriately;
  • The vast majority of children DO use the internet appropriately;
  • The vast majority of children ARE NOT experts at technology (they do know how to play games and use apps);
  • Parents DON’T need to know everything about technology;
  • Parents simply need to know how their children use technology (embed yourself in their online world);
  • The internet is a REAL world;
  • No one is anonymous on the internet;
  • The internet / devices are NEVER PRIVATE (3 000 000 000 people have access); and
  • Children’s use of technology can provide them with connectedness, higher self esteem, higher social support and an opportunity to experiment safely with their identity.

A large amount of time was spent identifying risks to children online. People who groom children online follow the following steps:

  1. Identify a possible victim;
  2. Gather information about the child;
  3. Identify a need for vulnerability (eg is the child in their bedroom rather than in a public space in the home);
  4. Desensitise and or develop trust; and
  5. Exploit trust to commit an offence.

However, he did state that if you or the child stops one of these steps, then the predator will leave. Follow your ‘gut instinct’; monitor your child’s moods and eating / sleeping habits.

Brett provided 5 principles for parents:

  1. Set clear rules and boundaries (eg devices with internet capability should NEVER be in bedrooms) ;
  2. Stay up to date with your children’s usage;
  3. Parents make the final decision;
  4. Use management controls; and
  5. Communicate with your children.

5 principles for children:

  1. People I know ONLY on the internet ARE strangers;
  2. The internet is NOT private;
  3. I protect my personal details online;
  4. I have rules on the internet and computers / devices; and
  5. I talk to a trusted adult if I have a problem.

Senior Exam Week

Exams will be held in Week 6.









7 Drama

7 Music

9 Business

7 Hass

8B Drama

9 English


7 Vis Arts

8 Maths




9 Maths



7 Hass

8A Drama

9 English

8 Science

9 RE




7 English

8B Music

8A Vis Arts

8 English

9 Geography

8 Hass





7 English

8B Music

7A Science

8 English

8 Hass







9 Elect HPE







7B Science


7 Maths



All other assessments dates have been emailed to the students and can also be found at:

Leave from School

A number of parents have recently requested leave for their child from school during Term 4. The Mary MacKillop Catholic College Assessment Guidelines states that:

Students are expected to attend school from the first day of school to the last day of school each term. Parents seeking leave from school for their child for sporting, cultural or family events must make a request in writing to the Principal.

Teachers are not required to prepare work for students who will be absent from school due to family vacations.

The responsibility lies with the student to ensure that they speak with teachers regarding how best to complete work missed, prior to their departure, where possible.

If a student misses assessment tasks due to leave, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for alternative assessment opportunities before they leave, where possible, or upon their return.

  • Final decisions about appropriate dates for assessment will be determined by the Senior Middle Leader, in consultation with the relevant class teacher. This will generally be before (except for examinations) the scheduled date for the assessment item but will always aim to maintain the integrity of the particular assessment item.
  • Students will not be exempted from any assessment items, due to granted leave.
  • No student may sit for an examination prior to the scheduled examination time.
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Mission matters at Mary Mac with Mr M!

12 October 2017


The first of our annual term 3 Mary MacKillop Feast fun days was held on Friday, 15 September.  It was a wonderful day with everyone dressed in their house colours, and it was a great opportunity to celebrate as a community after a long winter marred with much sickness and life challenges.

The whole College came together to celebrate Mass and enjoyed the 700 Ave Maria patti cakes, as well as a cake for Father Brian’s birthday.  Throughout the day, the students were involved in fun activities such as bingo, scavenger hunts, Quidditch, cooking, chalk art, bubble blowing and craft.

Highlights of the day were the whole College photograph, taken by the Careflight helicopter, the highly competitive touch football game between staff and students, and the house relay running race, won by Tenison house.  The fun filled day ended with a mini music concert in the MacKillop Centre.  Thank you to Father Brian and the wonderful staff at Mary Mac for all your efforts in making this day a success.




October is the month to get your Reconciliation booklet complete with support from the Mary of the Southern Cross Sacramental team. All candidates and families are invited to attend the 4 masses and Reflection sessions outlined below. So “Be the Change” in 2017 and embrace an attitude of gratitude by making the commitment to attend mass and learn from each other at our “FUN” reflection sessions that focus on the love and mercy experienced by gaining a greater understanding of the sacrament of Reconciliation.


You are invited to contribute to “Being the Change:” by donating items of clothing etc… to St.Vinnies by placing your donations in our wonderful new bin situated opposite the MacKillop Centre in the Primary campus on the grassed triangular area. . If you are having a Spring cleanout please consider making a donation. Thank you kindly for your anticipated generosity and support.



Sunday 8 October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 1- Mr Moyle


Remember, “We are all loved and  made in the image and likeness of God.”

Sunday 15 October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 2- Mr Murphy

Sunday 22 October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 3- Mr Moyle

Sunday 29 October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 4- Mr Moyle

Monday 30 October- 3:15 pm First Reconciliation Practice

Thursday 2 November- 6 pm SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION (Father Brian)


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Book Club Orders

12 October 2017

Orders from Issue 7 of bookclub are due on Thursday 19th October.

Please return to your classroom teacher.

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Hike for Homeless

12 October 2017

Join our MMCC Team – 5km, 10km or 20km walk

When: Saturday, 28 October 2017 from 6 am. 

Where: Jubilee Park

Why: To raise awareness of homelessness in Toowoomba and much needed funds to ensure the Basement Soup Kitchen is able to continue to provide a lunch time meal, blankets, clothing and essential services to people who are homeless or at high risk of homelessness in Toowoomba.

How: Register to join our team or donate at

Training each Saturday 6:00-7:30am, starting 7 October. Meet at the end of Bridge Street at 6:00am.For more information contact Justine Worner at

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P&F News

12 October 2017

Crave Food Festival

The next Crave Food Festival will be held on Saturday, 14th October from 5:30-8:30pm.  Vendors from previous events will be returning well stocked for your culinary pleasure. 

There will be a variety of entertainment throughout the night including dance groups and live music.  The outdoor cinema will again be operating thanks to Matthew De Maid of Belle Properties and there is a $50 dinner voucher up for grabs thanks to Bond Homes & Constructions.  Visit the Crave Facebook page to find out how to be in it to win it!

The P&F will also be running a licensed bar, Candy Bar and the popular Crave Chips stall.  If you would like to volunteer your time to assist with the Festival, please contact the P&F via email at  Assistance can be provided with set up (on the Friday afternoon at 4:30pm and again on Saturday afternoon from 4:30pm), helping on a P&F stall sometime between 5:30pm and 8:30pm or helping to pack up from 8:30pm. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wet n Wild Family Fun Day – Saturday, 21st October

The Wet n Wild Family Fun Day will be held on Saturday, 21st October 2017. 

The P&F are excited to be able to offer one day entry tickets to Wet n Wild for $25 per person.  Children 0-2 years and Mary MacKillop Catholic College teachers who present with School ID can enter at no cost.  Various Meal Deals are also available for purchase. 

Please see the attached flyer for further details.  Bookings via Flexischools have now closed, however, if you would still like to attend, please email the P&F on    


Mango Fundraiser

Due to popular demand, the Mango Fundraiser is back for the summer of 2017! 

Mangoes can be purchased for $25.00 per tray with an option for delivery between 13th and 17th November and/or 11th and 22nd December.  Exact dates and times will be confirmed closer to delivery. 

Please note that the second delivery in December is subject to minimum orders. 

An order form is attached below for cash payments.  Alternatively, orders can be placed via Flexischools.

Please feel free to ask your family, friends and work mates, as each tray sold is a small step closer to an improved play area for our children, and the mangoes are a bargain! 

Orders are due back to School (or through FlexiSchools) by Monday, 23rd October. 


P-6 Disco – Friday, 3rd November

A P-6 Disco will be held on Friday, 3rd November as per the attached flyer. 

This event is being held as a transition disco.  2018 Prep students have been invited to the P-2 disco and current year 2 students are welcome to attend either the P-2 disco and/or the 3-6 disco (at no extra cost).  Cost is $5 per child (including sausage sizzle), payable in cash at the door.  Drinks, snacks and glow products will also be available for purchase on the night. 


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Thank you to all the families who supported the Woolworths Earn & Learn initiative.  Stickers have been collated and returned with a total of 618 sheets.  The P&F is looking forward to the opportunity to obtain resources that can enhance the learning opportunities for children across the spectrum of academic capabilities. 


Healing Hands

The P&F continues to support school families in their time of need in various ways. 

Thanks must be given to Brumby’s Bakery (Highfields) and Bannock Brae Meats who continue to regularly donate bread and meat products for use in our care packages.  Please return this gesture by supporting these local businesses when you can. 

Thanks also to the parents who provided ingredients and assisted with the recent cook up.  Our freezers are looking much healthier.  The supply of baked goods (for lunch box treats) is still quite low so if can spare some time to whip up a batch of biscuits or muffins or throw together a slice, that would be greatly appreciated.  Containers are available from the Junior School office and the finished product can also be delivered back to the Junior School office.


P&F Meeting

The next P&F Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 1st November at 7pm in the Junior School Library.  All are welcome.


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Uniform Shop Update

12 October 2017


The College Uniform Shop, located next to the senior school tuckshop, is now selling a new range of hair ties, clips and bows in the College colours.  Parent supporter caps are also now available to purchase $15 each.


Mondays 2 pm to 4 pm

Tuesdays 8 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 4 pm

Wednesdays 8 am to 10 am

Any enquiries please email Carolyn via

Phone orders welcome (during opening hours only) on 07 4698 7777

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The Art of Breathing

12 October 2017

Do you know why we encourage others to ‘take a breath’ when they are upset?

The lungs take in oxygen, which is used by the body, and produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which we breathe out.  In order for the body to run efficiently, there needs to be a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.  This balance is maintained through how fast and how deeply we breathe.  Breathe in too much and the balance tips so that there’s increased oxygen.  Breathe in too little and there’s increased levels of carbon dioxide.

When we are anxious, nervous or worried, an increase in the rate and depth of our breathing often occurs.  That is, we ‘overbreathe’, and take in more oxygen than the body needs.  This upsets the balance between oxygen and CO2.  When our breathing rate increases, a number of other physical changes occur in the body to make up for the imbalance.  These changes cause the unpleasant physical sensations we experience when anxious.

Do you breathe with your chest or your stomach?

Place the hand you write with on your stomach between your lower ribs and belly button.  Put the other hand on your breastbone, just below the collarbones.  Take a deep breath and notice:

Which hand moves the most?  The hand on your chest or the hand on your stomach?

Did you breathe in through your mouth or nose?

If you breathed through your nose, your stomach probably expanded first, with little upper chest movement. This is the type of breathing that is most helpful for your body.  On the other hand, if you breathed in through your mouth, your upper chest probably raised first with little or no movement under the hand located on your stomach.  This would indicate an unhelpful breathing style and might be contributing to the stress you may experience in anxiety-provoking situations.

Gaining control over your breathing rate and depth is an important skill to develop.  This calming technique will help you to (1) decrease some of the physical sensations you experience when you worry, and (2) facilitate general relaxation through your breathing.

Try this with your child:

Place your hands on your stomach

Take a breath in through the nose to the count of 3

Hold the breath for the count of 3

Slowly release the breath for the count of 3

Practice this a couple of times.  Notice how calm you both feel afterwards. 

Tip: I often use metaphors with my clients such as imagining that we are blowing up a balloon in our tummies, or blowing bubbles (which requires a steady breath!)

If your child suffers from anxiety, helping them to regularly practice controlled breathing can provide many benefits.


Amanda Roll
College Counsellor
Ph: 4698 7777

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Study Pathways For Year 9 Students - Living Books Presentation

12 October 2017

Living Books is aimed at bringing study pathways and career choices to the forefront of our senior students minds early. Guest speakers have been invited in during the first break to engage in informal discussion with our seniors in regards to life and career experiences.

Four guests have been lined up at this stage including two members of our staff.

Mrs Worner will discuss travel abroad focusing on issues young people may encounter on a gap year.

Mr Brunner will discuss his career path including sports ambition, trade and further studies.

The USQ schools engagement team will discuss pathways through university studies and Uni life.

Karen Coulston from Catholic Schools office will discuss school based apprenticeships.


See the attached poster for further details.

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Sports Report

12 October 2017

Building community to DREAM, BELIEVE & ACHIEVE through participation in physical activity


Term 4 Athletics Training




5km run starting outside MacKillop Centre.

 ALL ARE WELCOME- parents, joggers, walkers etc.

 (Max. 3 x 1.67km laps)

We will even run during the September holidays.

Record 5km Time: Joshua Roach (20.02)


7:30 am - 8:10am

Interval speed running training (Mr Moyle)


3:20pm - 4:20pm

Distance Running Conditioning and Core Strength (Ms McWha)



3:15pm - 4:15pm

Flop High Jump training (October only)



7:00am - 8:00am (10yrs – 15yrs)

Swimming/Aquathlon Training – Highfields Aquatic Centre – Students required to pay pool entry.

(Mr Moyle & Ms McWha)

Last Session  Friday November 17



 5pm Tuesday 31st October

Entry: $10 or extra donation per competitor- entry forms available from Primary & Secondary Offices

Purpose: FUN, FITNESS, FRIENDSHIP, COMMUNITY SPIRIT by raising  awarenss and funds for Qld Cancer Council and Muscular Dystrophy Australia

Start/Finish: MacKillop Centre

Rewards: Medallions and prizes on offer. Competitors will be doused with the colours pink and yellow. Sunglasses and white t-shirt required

Shared Meal:  Social barbecue ($2 sausage sizzle and drinks) and presentation to conclude event.

Convenors: Mr Steve Moyle, Mrs Taryn Roach & Mr Shane McAllister



Students in Year 5-9 are invited to nominate. Link to nomination form attached



Good luck at upcoming State Championships

  • Ewald Kruger, Wihan Kruger, Bella Stenzel, Missy Boyle,  Josh Roach, Mia Knapman, Gretel Worner
  • Congratulations to Billy Stark who was selected in the Toowoomba Sky U12 Mustangs that won the Mustangs Challenge in Goondiwindi over the school holidays.  They played 6 games over 2 days and the final was between Toowoomba Sky and Warwick. Well done Billy.









4.15 pm

Harristown Court 1


Won by 4 goals


7.15 pm

St Mary’s Court 2

 East 1



5.45 pm

St Mary’s Court 1

 East 2



5.00 pm

Harristown Court 1

Middle Ridge



5.00 pm





6.30 pm

St Mary’s Court 1




5.00 pm

St Mary’s Court 1

St Saviour’s















Thanks to Mrs Jacqui Koch there will be Primary Friday Night Basketball in term 4 for both boys and girls 10 years and older. Draw & Results below



During Term 3 PE the students participated in various ball games including Tunnel ball, Leader ball, Captain ball and Circle File Gap with variations


Year 4: Penola

Year 5: McCormack

Year 6: Penola

Overall Points:

1st: Penola 107

2nd: McCormack 97

3rd: Cunningham 83

4th: Tenison 75


teams competed over the September Holidays. Well done also to our secondary team who recently competed ???????

(Kate Carroll would have more information)

Sport Date Claimers

Term 4



Fri    13 October

  • MMCC Aquathlon – 7:00am – 8:00am Highfields Pool
  • AQUA Training with Ms Mac Friday mornings 7:00am- 8:00am Highfields Pool

Sat   14 October

  • Fairholme Aquathon

Sun  15 October

  • SWQ Primary Schools Touch Football – Dalby Touch Fields – Cooper Street Dalby – Contact Mr Craig Hubbard

Thur 19 October

  • QCIS Rugby 7s 4:00pm 8:30pm Highfields Sport and Recreation Park

Fri     27 October

  • Dalby Aquathlon – 9:00am – 11:00am – Nominations are  School Based Entries close Tuesday 17 October

Sat    28 October

  • Rugby 7s Carnival – Scots PGC Warwick – Contact Mr Craig Faessler

Sun   29 October

  • 10-12yrs State Cricket Championships Mackay

Sat    4 November

Sat   11 November

  • QCIS Tennis – Teams Event TACAPS
  • QCIS Tennis – Individual Event AMBROSE TREACY

(please see Ms Mac Sports Office for interest in these events)

Wed  15 November

  • Hockey Gala Day

Wed  22 November

  • MMCC Sports Presentation Night – Please send through all sporting photos to kate.mcwha  by  10 November

Monday 27 November

  • Prep Pool Party Highfields Aquatic Centre 9:00am – 11:00am


Kate McWha

Sports Co-ordinator

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Primary Interschools Basketball Competition

12 October 2017

MMCC is again participating in the Primary Interschool basketball competition.  Boys and girls from grade 5 and 6 will be participating and our mixed team will be playing in the Senior Boys B division.  We look forward to having some fun and developing our skills and knowledge about basketball. 

Training is Friday morning in the MacKillop Centre at 7.30 am and games are Friday evenings.

For more information, contact Jacqui Koch on 07 4698 7777.

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Making Jesus Real (MJR)

12 October 2017

Last week we were fortunate to have Peter Mitchell from Tasmania come and work with our Year 6 students on MJR.  ‘Mitch’ took students through many of the values, attitudes and behaviours that have their base in the teachings of Jesus.  We saw an inspiring clip about Arthur and his amazing transformation through sheer determination.

Students were asked to select the main value that they want to take into their life to grow as a person. Year 6 were then asked to write a comment about what they have gotten out of MJR this year. Many wrote positively about leading the MJR Peer Support of Wednesdays. Each newsletter I will include some of the Year 6 responses.

Read some of their comments below:

*The MJR book has an inspiring, positive and encouraging vibe about it, and it has helped me to overcome my fears.

* I really liked working with the Grades 3,4 and 5 with the MJR Peer Support.  It was great fun and so many Grade 6’s liked being leaders. We liked sharing our knowledge with the younger kids and it was good doing it. Thanks Mrs Worner for setting it up.

  • MJR gives me a better understanding that the spirit of Jesus is in my heart and I can see His Spirit around me through other people. His Spirit is in the NOW of our lives.
  • I liked doing the yellow card as it helped me to realise that my attitudes are really important and that I will need to make big decisions in the future. I like that I wrote that down about the key to my life.
  • I think it is important to do MJR in the future as there are so many helpful things like being a WESTIE and the way I Greet Treat and Speak to people, the way I would like to be treated.
  • One of the lessons I learnt how encouraging words and helping people can change a person’s day.
  • I realised that I should try and be more of a "Go Kart" and be more switched on than being pushed.


Mrs Justine Worner

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From the Principal, Peter Murphy

14 September 2017

Improved literacy equals improved learning

Mary MacKillop Catholic College, along with all other Toowoomba Catholic Diocesan schools has embarked on a major strategy to improve student literacy. The focus is on reading.

As part of the Diocesan Reading Improvement Strategy (RIS), all teachers of students from prep to year four are receiving four days of intensive training on the teaching of reading.

This training will be extended to teachers of years five to nine in 2018. Teachers are learning how to conduct a highly effective reading classroom.

Some of the features of such a classroom include clear learning intentions and success criteria whereby both the teacher and students have great clarity around what is to be learned and how they will know that they have succeeded. Teachers must be seen by students as readers and role models for reading. Teachers must pose critical questions and develop creative thinking in reading.

The approach to reading is one of gradual release of responsibility such as students reading with the teacher, students reading collaboratively and students reading independently. Modelled, shared, guided and independent reading are common instructional approaches. Included in the learning are explicit teaching through teacher modelling, small group reading sessions and collaborative reading between teacher and student, and student and student.

Daily independent reading of at least 15 to 30 minutes is vital as the volume of reading students do on their own is significantly related to the gains in reading achievement. Stamina or demand reading will also be practiced to build up students’ concentration and perseverance levels and to develop fluency. Teachers will conference with individual students to further assist in moving them forward during guided or independent reading.

Productive student discussions and questioning before, during and after the reading process will help build meaning making and critical and creative thinking. Students will discuss and pose questions around the texts of real authors and not just levelled texts. Time for reading is crucial.

Recognising this, the school has allocated significant additional time dedicated to the development of our students as readers.

The College looks forward to a future of improved literacy for our students and corresponding improved learning in all areas.

The future of learning at Mary MacKillop Catholic College is bright.


Wishing all families a safe and relaxing holiday.

God Bless

Peter Murphy

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Date Claimers and Parent Updates

14 September 2017



Thursday 14 September: Prep Transition Day (No. 1) – Students & Parents

Friday 15 September: Mary MacKillop Feast Day Celebrations

Friday 15 September: Term 3 ends, 3:00 pm Junior School; 3:10 pm Senior School

Saturday & Sunday 16,17 September: Samsung Firebirds Primary Schools Netball Cup, Maroochydore

Tuesday 3 October: Term 4 Starts

Wednesday 4 October: Parent Café, Senior school staff room, 8:30am

Wednesday 4 October: Prep Amaroo excursion  – Possums & Koalas

Wednesday 4 October: Whole College Assembly (P-9), 2:20 pm

Wednesday 4 October: P&F Meeting, 7 pm

Thursday 5 October: Prep & Indigenous students - Amaroo excursion - Bilbies

Tuesday 10 October: College Board Meeting, Senior School, 7 pm

Wednesday 11 October: Parent Café, Senior school staff room, 8:30am

Wednesday 11 October: Assembly P-6 - MacKillop Centre; Yr 7-9 - Senior School

Friday 13 October: P&F Harry Potter Trivia/Family Games Night

Monday 16 October: Pupil Free Day


FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER: Mary MacKillop Feast Fun Day Celebrations

New Schedule of Events

8:30-8:45 am - Normal classes

8:45 am- Move to Mackillop Centre (MC)

9:00-10:10 am: MASS with cutting of cake

10:15-10:40 am: Sharing cakes & photo on oval

10:40-11:20 am: Normal First break

11:20-11:35 am : HOUSE MEETINGS in designated areas (students assigned to PC Groups)

11:40- 12:20 am- FUN ACTIVITY 1 (Teacher led)

12:20-1:00 pm: FUN ACTIVITY 2 (Teacher led)

1:00-1:30 pm: Normal second break

1:30-1:40 pm: Move to AFL oval- sit in HOUSES

1:40-2:15 pm: Whole College watch Touch game and Gift relay.

2:15 pm: Move to MC and sit in Houses on floor in PC groups.

2:20 pm: Music Concert/Presentation & Principal address.

2:50 pm: FINAL SONG and holidays begin.


Join our MMCC Team – 5km, 10km or 20km walk       

Hike for Homeless:  We are entering a Mary MacKillop team in the Hike for Homeless. This is a walk organised by Base Services in town. It would be great to have a mix of families, staff and parishioners to support the wonderful work Base Services does. Our team can be as large as we like. There is a choice of a 5km, 10km or 20km walk. Alternatively you could just sponsor our team. Next term Mrs Worner will be walking the course in the weeks leading up to the event for those who wish to prepare for the course.  We hope you can join us.

When: Saturday the 28th of October 2017 from 6am. 

Where: Jubilee Park

Why: To raise awareness of homelessness in Toowoomba and much needed funds to ensure the Basement Soup Kitchen is able to continue to provide a lunch time meal, blankets, clothing and essential services to people who are homeless or at high risk of homelessness in Toowoomba.

How: Register to join our team or donate at




We are excited to announce that the popular Diabetes Queensland school cooking program Need for Feed will be offered again in Term 4. Students across Queensland have participated in this hands on program and we are making it available for 15 lucky students in years 7 to 9.

This program exposes students to a variety of dishes and basic skills involved in preparing and cooking meals while increasing students’ awareness of healthy eating.  The program will be offered after school with the guidance of qualified staff, Mrs Holman and Mrs Worner, making the cooking experience both safe and enjoyable.

All participants will receive a Need for Feed manual for participating in the program.


The program will commence week 1, Thursday, July 13 at 3:20 pm, in the College Food Technology room. The program will run for 8 weeks, with one 2 hour session per week.


The Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) Privacy Statement

An update has been made to the Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) Privacy Statement. This update has been made in preparation for NAPLAN online from 2018. The new inclusion to the TCS Privacy Statement relates to the sharing of student information and is in bold below.

A school or the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office may disclose personal information to assessment and educational authorities, including the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and NAPLAN test administration authorities (who may disclose it to the entity that manages the online platform for NAPLAN).

We are obligated by the Privacy Act (1988) to inform you of any changes made to the TCS Privacy Statement.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact the school principal.


Dr Patrick Coughlan

Executive Director: Catholic Schools

Diocese of Toowoomba


Bishop Robert McGuckin’s communication to the Diocese on the upcoming Federal Government survey

Please find the link to Bishop Robert McGuckin’s communication to the Diocese on the upcoming Federal Government survey regarding a proposed change in the law regarding marriage below.



The College Uniform Shop, located next to the senior school tuckshop, is now selling a new range of hair ties, clips and bows in the College colours.  Parent supporter caps are also now available to purchase $15 each.



Mondays 2 pm to 4 pm

Tuesdays 8 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 4 pm

Wednesdays 8 am to 10 am

Any enquiries please email Carolyn via

Phone orders welcome (during opening hours only)

Carolyn Maxwell

Uniform Shop Convenor




Tuckshop operates 5 days a week with fresh food available. Ordering is online through flexischools:

If you would like to be part of our a tuckshop parent volunteer team, please complete the attached form below and return it to the College office or email Catherine via



Our Parent Café operates every Wednesday morning from 8:30 am to 9:30 am (after drop off) at the senior school staffroom. This term, we would love you to extend an invitation to any friends or families that may be interested in enrolling at our College. Bring them along to meet members of our Leadership team over a delicious coffee and muffin. We would love to chat with them and give them a tour of our College.


All are welcome and don’t forget we have toys and activities for your toddlers too. We look forward to seeing you there.



Healing Hands is currently supporting several school families. This assistance is provided to families who are facing particular hardship. Support may be needed on a short, medium or long term basis depending on individual circumstances and may include provision of food hampers, household supplies, lunchbox items, tuckshop vouchers, etc.

Groups such as Healing Hands are an integral part of our College community and one of the ways our community is truly special. If you would like to know how to help, please contact the P&F via



Everyone has the right to feel safe.

Mary MacKillop School protection officers are:

Amanda Roll, School Counsellor

Steve Coren, Middle School Leader

Rebecca Morgan, Senior School Teacher

Tim Franzmann, Head of Junior School

Angela Irvine, Teacher/Librarian

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From the Head of Junior School, Tim Franzmann

14 September 2017

Diocesan Reading Strategy

Earlier this term I wrote about the professional development our Prep to Year 4 teachers would be engaging in to enhance their teaching of reading. Since then our teachers have attended four training days with one more to come in term four. Teachers will now be receiving extra support of school coaches working with teachers in class. Toowoomba Catholic School Office have developed several information videos, which provide some very worthwhile information for parents. Please follow the link to view these videos.


Student Diary items


It is the responsibility of students who bring mobile phones and other electronic devices onto College premises to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this document. The decision to provide a mobile phone to their children should be made by parents or guardians and as such parents should be aware if their child takes a mobile phone onto College premises.


  • Junior – Mobile phones if brought to the college must be handed in to the office.
  • Senior - Mobile phones, if brought to College, will be switched off on arrival in the morning, placed in lockers and may be switched on again for the journey home. If it is necessary for home or parent contact to be made during College hours (8.30am – 3.10pm) it is to be done by a call from the parent/guardian to the College office, or a phone permission granted to the student by the Principal or Leader of Pastoral Care.
  • Students using a mobile phone during College hours will have it confiscated and returned at the end of the College day. As a consequence for not complying with College rules the student will receive an afternoon detention.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used to take photos without the express permission of the subject. Mobile phones are not to be used to take photos in change rooms, toilets or in any situation that may cause embarrassment or discomfort to their fellow students, staff or visitors to the College.
  • In order to reduce the risk of theft during College hours, students who carry mobile phones are advised to keep them well concealed and not ‘advertise’ they have them.
  • Mobile phones which are found in the College and whose owner cannot be located should be handed to front office/reception.
  • The College accepts no responsibility for mobile phones that are lost, stolen or damaged whilst on College premises, travelling to or from the College or on College sponsored functions.
  • Any student/s found using a mobile phone to cheat in exams or assessments will face disciplinary actions as sanctioned by the Principal.
  • Any student who uses vulgar, derogatory, or obscene language while using a mobile phone will face disciplinary actions as sanctioned by the Principal.
  • Students using mobile phones to bully other students will face disciplinary actions as sanctioned by the Principal. It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person.
  • As such, if action as sanctioned by the Principal is deemed ineffective, as with all such incidents, the College may consider it appropriate to involve the police. Hence, students with mobile phones must not engage in personal attacks, harass another person, or post private information about another person using SMS messages, taking/sending photos or objectionable video images, and phone calls.

Timothy Franzmann

Head of Junior School

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P&F News

14 September 2017

Wet n Wild Family Fun Day – Saturday, 21st October

A Wet n Wild Family Fun Day will be held on Saturday, 21st October 2017. 

On this day, the P&F are excited to be able to offer one day entry tickets to Wet n Wild for $25 per person.  Children 0-2 years and Mary MacKillop Catholic College teachers who present with School ID can enter at no cost.  Various Meal Deals are also available for purchase. 

Please see the attached flyer for full details regarding bookings and payments etc. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings must be made by via Flexischools by Monday, 2nd October.  Don’t miss out!


Mango Fundraiser

Due to popular demand, the Mango Fundraiser is back for the summer of 2017! 

Mangoes can be purchased for $25.00 per tray with an option for delivery between 13th and 17th November AND/OR 11th and 22nd December.  Exact dates and times will be confirmed closer to delivery. 

Please note that the second delivery in December is subject to minimum orders. 

An order form is attached below for cash payments.  Alternatively, orders can be placed via Flexischools.

Please feel free to ask your family, friends, work mates, etc as each tray sold is a small step closer to an improved play area for our children – and the mangoes are a bargain! 

Orders are due back to School (or through FlexiSchools) by Monday, 23rd October. 



A P-6 Disco will be held on Friday, 3rd November.  Further details will be sent out early in Term 4. 


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths Earn & Learn ends this week.  Stickers can be collected from Woolworths during the period 26th July to 19th September with one sticker earned for every $10. 

These stickers can be placed in the Mary MacKillop Catholic College box at the front of Woolworths, Highfields or delivered to the School Office. 

Please return stickers by Friday, 6th October.

Stickers can then be redeemed by the P&F for educational resources.  This year the P&F will be supporting our Learning Support teachers by acquiring items that can enhance the learning opportunities for children across the spectrum of academic capabilities from remedial to enrichment.


Crave Food Festival

The second Crave Food Festival was held on Saturday, 9th September.  With the majority of vendors returning, plus a number of new entries, the dinner and dessert options were wide and varied!  Mary Mac’s own Crave Chips were a stand out hit with the young ones! 

The revised venue layout also ensured that there was barely a line up in sight for the entire evening.


Thanks again to our sponsors who have supported this event:-

  • Matthew De Maid – Belle Property Real Estate
  • Bond Homes & Construction
  • Downs Precision Plastering
  • Artistic Cat Graphic Design and Printing
  • Sherriff Electrical Wholesalers
  • ALE Signs
  • New Hope Group


A huge thank you also to the many volunteers without which the night could not have happened.


Be sure to mark your calendars (and tell your friends!) for the next event on Saturday, 14th October.  


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Ministry and Mission with Steve Moyle

14 September 2017

Mission Matters at Mary Mac with Mr Moyle


This important week was launched at last Sunday’s  Mary of the Southern Cross Parish mass in the MacKillop Centre. You are invited to reflect using the official prayer below.

Gracious God you said let the children come to me.

The hurt felt by those wounded by abuse weighs

heavily upon us. Often trust has been eroded when

institutions failed to appropriately respond to their

needs. Lord, we as your Church stand in need of your

healing and help.

We ask you God to strengthen and guide all in our

Catholic communities. Grant us wisdom in our time to

make decisions that protect children and the


May our families and communities, through love,

generosity, commitment and patience build stronger

communities safe for children.

Let your grace and love fall gently upon our children

giving them the inner strength, peace and resilience

they will need for their life’s journey.

We ask you God to help our Catholic communities to be

resolute in building a community where our children

both flourish and are safe.




On 23-25 August our College Principal Mr Peter Murphy and Assistant Principal Mission & Ministry Mr Steve Moyle had the privilege of representing our College by attending a special colloquium (conference) at Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney, the resting place of Australia’s first Saint. Situated in Mount Street, Mary MacKillop Place is both educational and spiritual including a wonderful modern & interactive museum, a beautiful chapel where Mary is buried, a lovely convent and Alma Cottage where she lived before passing in 1909. The grounds are open to the public and the Charism (gifts) and legacy of Mary MacKillop is truly alive for all to experience. The college vision is for both staff and students to get the opportunity to visit in the future as pilgrims on a journey called to live Jesus’ mission- to love and serve others especially the poor as witnessed by Mary herself.



On 5th September 1997, Mother Teresa died in Calcutta, India.
Her holiness and her love for the poor were known all over the world. Tens of thousands of men and women, who join in her work, are called the Missionaries of Charity. They serve the sick and dying who have no one ever to care for them, bringing God’s love to forgotten corners of crowded cities. Mother Teresa made a solemn promise to give ‘wholehearted and authentic service to the poorest of the poor’. She was canonised as Saint Teresa of Calcutta on 4th September 2016.  
God of love, You call us to be followers of your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to love with all our hearts. May we find joy in remembering the needs of our sisters and brothers. May we learn what will bring us true life. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.   



On the 8th of September the Catholic Church honours for the birth of Mary, the mother of our Saviour, Jesus. She is also the mother of all who follow Jesus, so we call her our Blessed Mother. People of every nation and language honour Mary. They have given her many titles of respect. Scripture does not give an account of Mary’s birth; however the Church has celebrated Mary’s birth since at least the sixth century.

As a college, our Year 2 students participated in a special prayer outside the rose garden adjacent to the Prep stairs. Thanks to those Year 2 students and their families who brought in flowers.

Here is a Mary prayer composed of only a few words.
'Mary, Mother of us all, give me strength' (or wisdom, patience, generosity — whatever spiritual gift you need at this time.) Use different titles for Mary such as Gentle Woman, Woman of Faith, Star of the Sea, Mary of the Southern Cross (our Parish name)



Thank you to those volunteer Year 4 students; Will Paynter, Lily Rangott, George Worner, Angus McKenzie, Liam Hackwood, Cooper Anderson, Emily Clarke, Annabelle Fox, Mitchell Wederell, Patrick O’Sullivan, Henry Steer, Kayden Wright & Ryley Schmaling - who did a wonderful job assisting Father Brian in leading our 8am Sunday Parish Mass on 27th August. The college also hosted a special morning tea for everyone who attended and enjoyed a fun basketball shoot out led by Mr Hubbard. Thank you to Mrs Natalie Adler and Mr Craig Hubbard who supported the students.  A reminder that all are welcome to attend weekly Parish masses at 8am in the MacKillop Centre with Father Brian.



On the last day of term 3, 15th September our whole College will gather in the MacKillop Centre at 9.00am to celebrate Eucharist with Father Brian Noonan. Year 6 students will assist in leading the mass, which will be dedicated to our college patron saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop in lieu of her feast day on 8th August. It will also serve as an integral part of our college fun day activities. Parents and friends are warmly invited to attend.



In last Sunday’s Gospel Reading Matthew 18:15-20 Jesus teaches his disciples how to settle disputes in the Church.

REFLECTION: Family Connection

Conflict and disagreements are a natural part of family life. Yet, within our family, we have an important opportunity to learn how to resolve disagreements fairly by treating people with love and respect.

As you gather as a family this week, discuss the procedures for resolving disputes in your family. What kinds of things produce disagreements in your family? Do children frequently request the assistance of the adults when a disagreement arises? How do the adults respond? In today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches his disciples the way in which they are to handle conflict within the Christian community of the Church. Read together this Gospel, Matthew 18:15-20. Invite family members to summarize the steps that Jesus proposes for resolving conflict. How might today’s Gospel inform your family’s handling of disagreements? If you have time, your family might choose to role play how Jesus’ teaching about conflict resolution might be applied to a disagreement that sometimes occurs in your household.

In last Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus also promises that he will help those who pray to him with their needs. Pray together that each member of your family will learn to handle conflict in a Christian manner. Pray together the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis


Got a niggling feeling that someone you know or care about it isn’t behaving as they normally would? Perhaps they seem out of sorts? More agitated or withdrawn? Or they’re just not themselves. Trust your instinct and act on it. By starting a conversation and commenting on the changes you’ve noticed, you could help that family member, friend or workmate open up. Visit the website.




Congratulations to all candidates and families who attended the commitment ceremonies at mass with Father Brian on either 20 or 27 August. These candidates now have their photos on display in the foyer of the MacKillop Centre. Please pray for them as they begin their sacramental preparation



Sunday 8th October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 1- Mr Moyle

Sunday 15th October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 2- Mr Murphy

Sunday 22nd October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 3- Mr Moyle

Sunday 29th October 8 am mass followed by First Reconciliation Reflection 4- Mr Moyle

Monday 30th October- 3.15pm First Reconciliation Practice

Thursday 2ndNovember- 6pm SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION (Father Brian)



You are invited to contribute to “Being the Change:” by donating items of clothing etc… to St.Vinnies by placing your donations in our wonderful new bin situated opposite the MacKillop Centre in the Primary campus on the grassed triangular area. . If you are having a Spring cleanout please consider making a donation. Thank you kindly for your anticipated generosity and support.


Steve Moyle

Assistant Principal Mission & Ministry

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Sporting News

14 September 2017

Building community to


through participation in physical activity


Lots of wonderful Sports News this fortnight.

Please also note the following attachments –

  • Sports Offered in Term 4
  • Term 4 Sporting Competition dates
  • Aquathlon 2017
  • Run Wild Holiday Training


Congratulations to all our Darling Downs representatives for 2017!



10-12 Yrs Track & Field Girls



10-12 Yrs Hockey Girls



11 Yrs Netball



10-12 Yrs Football Girls



13-19 Yrs Track & Field Girls



10-12 Yrs Track & Field Boys



10-12 Yrs Track & Field Boys



10-12 Yrs AFL Boys



11-12 Yrs Rugby Union



10-12 Yrs Cross Country Girls



10-12 Yrs Hockey Girls



11-12 Yrs Aquathlon



10-19 Yrs Orienteering



13-19 Yrs Cross Country Boys



13-19 Yrs Track & Field Boys



10-12 Yrs AFL Boys



10-12 Yrs Track & Field Girls



11-12 Yrs Rugby League Girls



10-12 Yrs Football Girls



13-19 Yrs Track & Field Girls



Congratulations to all those who attended trials and to the following students who gained selection; Joseph Coren, Lachlan Spies, Ewald Kruger, Wihan Kruger, Elosie McKenzie and Annabelle Ford.



Congratulations to Lachlan Spies, Wihan Kruger and Ewald Kruger who gained selection in the Darling Downs under 12 years boys cricket team.

Well done also to Annabelle Ford who was selected in the under 12 year girl’s cricket team.

Congratulations also to Eloise McKenzie being selected as a member of the Queensland School Sport Girls Cricket 12 and U President XI Team.

Both students have been invited to participate in the State Championships event to be held in Mackay from 28 October to 1 November.



Congratulations to Charlotte Hiley-Stevenson who represented the Darling Downs at the recent Qld State Championships.



Week 8  (Friday 1st September) RESULTS:

GIRLS NETBALL: Won 2, lost 2.

MIXED HOCKEY: Year 6 won 4-3 v Glennie.

BOYS RUGBY LEAGUE: Lost 4-30 v St.Thomas More’s.

GIRLS SOCCER: Won 4-0 v Fairholme. Great work girls!

BOYS SOCCER: Lost all 3 games


YEAR 5/6 NETBALL by Anika Scholefield

Every Friday for the past seven weeks, year six and five students have been travelling to Nell. E Robinson Netball Grounds, to play non-competitive netball against other schools in our Toowoomba region. The four teams did extremely well and we would like to thank all the girls for trying their hardest. Teachers were incredibly generous to give up their time to coach and umpire our teams. We would also like to give the best of luck to the Primary school netball team, as they will be competing in a two day long netball carnival, at the Sunshine Coast this September holidays. 

YEAR 5/6 HOCKEY by Eloise McKenzie

This term in Inner School Sports we have had a terrific time playing hockey. Friday afternoons we all boarded our bus and went out to the hockey fields in Glenvale. The year 5 and 6 girls and boys played against many schools around Toowoomba. Thank you to Mrs Dwyer and Mrs Nolan for their support. The year 5 team have had 3 loses and 5 wins. Whereas the year 6 team has had 2 loses and 6 wins. We all had a magnificent time on Fridays playing hockey.

⚽️ YEAR 5/6 GIRLS SOCCER ⚽️ by Annabelle Ford


The senior girls soccer team went though the season undefeated. The team consisted of three Yr 5 students - Ava.T, Olivia.C and Hope and seven Yr 6 students - Annabelle.F, Bella.S, Sienna.W, Ava.K, Alice.P, Mia.N, Hannah.R and Lucy.W. Everyone in the team participated and tried their best. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the teachers that coached the soccer students and took care of us while we were at sport. As a result everyone had fun and enjoyed playing against other schools.


YEAR 5/6 RUGBY LEAGUE by Johnny Ryan

This year in inter school sport for rugby league we had a pretty rough season with a couple of loses one draw and a win by forfeit. All the boys tried their best and always came off the field happy with the effort they put in for the team. We would like to thank Mr Rangirra and Mr Franzman for coaching us and everyone that played.  

YEAR 3-4 FUTSAL 2017

Congratulations to all 13 teams (a record 91 players) who participated during term 3. The finals were held on Monday 11th September in the MacKillop Centre. The top 4 teams were very fortunate to participate in a Training session with Australian Women’s Futsal Coach Jodie Hammond, who is also an Australian representative. As a player she captained the Australian Women’s Futsal team before coaching the national team which finished runner up at the recent Futsal World Cup. Jodie is a local Highfields girl who attended Sacred Heart Primary and then St Saviour’s Secondary College. 



Game 1: Dominators 1 v Bunya Boys 5  (MVP: Pat O’Sullivan)

Game 2: Hatricks 1 v Smokin ’Unicorns 2 (MVP: Sam Jones)

Game 3: Playoff for 3rd /4th: Dominators 2 v Hatricks 9 (MVP: Jack Haddow)

Game 4: Grand Final: Bunya Boys 1 v Smokin’ Unicorns 2 (MVP: Jonas Vanderzee)


What was wonderful evening of Futsal, following a master-class training session with Jodie Hammond! Thanks to Jodie all participants received a special Futsal shirt, learnt some new skills and knowledge of the game. On behalf of Mary MacKillop College Jack Haddow and Sam Lowein gave a heartfelt vote of appreciation before the finals began at 5pm.

In front of a great crowd of parents, siblings and supporters, all 4 teams displayed wonderful energy and spirit. The competition, while friendly was characterized with both passion and enthusiasm.

In Game 1 Bunya Boys caused a major upset defeating the minor premiers 5-1 before the Smokin’ Unicorns won 2-1 against the Hatricks who went on the convincingly win the playoff for 3rd defeating the Dominators 9-2.

In the Grand Final an major upset was on the cards with the Bunya Boys looking the goods before the Smokin ’Unicorns gained some late momentum and scored late in the game to take out the title.

Thank you to Miss Tamara Niemeyer, Mrs Carter and Mr Ben Meyers for their ongoing support of Futsal at Mary MacKillop.



SMOKIN’UNICORNS: Sam Lowein (C), Sam Jones, Jonas Vanderzee, Seth McInness, Kaden Rubb, Xander O’Neil, Will Marshall



Congratulations to all athletics who have represented our college this term. This term students have had the opportunity to compete at the Primary Catholic Carnival, Inner Downs 10-12 and 13-19 years trials, QCIS in Brisbane, Darling Downs 10-12 and 13-19 years trials.

As a college a record 32 students gained Inner Downs district zone selection and 7 students gained Darling Downs regional selection who will compete at the Qld State Championships in term 4.



9-12 years: Missy Boyle, Olivia Clark, Rose Coren, Lara Fitzgerald, Katelyn Haddow, Ella Maxwell, Bella Stenzell, Maggie Walker, Riley Catterall, Joseph Coren, Jack Haddow, Ewald Kruger, Wihan Kruger, Martin Logan, Joshua Midola, Lucas Paynter, Lachlan Spies, Harrison Ward, Elliott Worner, Kayden Wright.

12-13 + years: Tom Oldham, Bailey Skewes, Tobey Burling, Joshua Roach, Elly Close, Isaac Williams, Elijah Logan, Nathan Haddow, Megan Bailey, Mia Knapman, Gretel Worner, Holly Anlezark



Ewald Kruger, Wihan Kruger, Bella Stenzel, Missy Boyle,  Josh Roach, Mia Knapman, Gretel Worner



Thanks to Mrs Jacqui Koch there will be Primary Friday Night Basketball in term 4 for both boys and girls 10 years and older. If you have any questions please contact either Mrs McWha or Mrs Koch.



Tuesday: 5km run at 5pm starting outside MacKillop Centre.

 ALL ARE WELCOME- parents, joggers, walkers etc. (Max. 3 x 1.67km laps)

We will even run during the September holidays.

Record 5km Time: Joshua Roach (20.02)

Wednesday: 7.30-8.10am- Interval speed running training (Mr Moyle)

                       3.20-4.20pm- Running training with Mrs McWha

Thursday: 3.15-4.15pm- Flop High Jump training

Friday: 7.30-8.10am- Long distance running training (Mr Moyle & Mrs McWha)


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Need for Feed

14 September 2017

Need for Feed Cooking Program Offered Again in Term 4

This term Mrs Holman facilitated the Need for Feed cooking program run by Diabetes Queensland. A program that aims to educate students on healthier eating choices. The College supported this initiative financially and we had 16 students in Years 7 and 8 participate. Students created healthy afternoon teas, main meals and the occasional dessert. All had fun, learnt new skills and went home with a cookbook and something yummy to eat.

The College is in a position to again run this program next term. We need 15 students from Year 7 to 9. It will run from 3:20-5:20 pm each Thursday from Weeks 1 to 8. If your child is interested, please have them collect the permission slip from the secondary office and return it as soon as possible.

Justine Worner

Religious Education Teacher


Parent Testimony:

Thank you so much Viv and Justine for assisting the students with the program.   Celine has loved the program and we have enjoyed the sampling.  I am going to incorporate the meals into our family menu. Delicious.

Kind Regards



Students’ Testimony:

Sarah Coster: “It was really fun because you got to cook with all your friends and once you finished making it you got to just eat it together.”

Dylan Schmaling: “It was really good with lots of delicious recipes. We got to cooks lots of great recipes and I have cooked some of them at home and the family have really enjoyed it.”

Raegan Pugsley: “The food was the best. I like tasting and I got new skills. I just enjoyed it. I learnt more about healthy eating. I eat pears now.”

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Making Jesus Real

14 September 2017

Making Jesus Real – MJR

Jesus’ message is just as important today as it was 2,000 years ago. Then, he told stories to spread the message of the Gospel (good news). Now, he uses the people in our lives to get his Gospel message across. Today the Spirit of Jesus is in the everyday positive things you see and hear people do.


Over the past two weeks, we have been identifying where we have seen the Spirit of Jesus in our classrooms, our colleagues and our wider school community. If we look closely and are switched on to these moments then we start to realise that Jesus is with us all day, every day. Over the last week I have attended three athletics carnivals and seen many of the above qualities displayed by our Mary MacKillop competitors. However, the greatest example of the Spirit of Jesus I witnessed this week, was Bella Stenzell in Year 6, picking herself up from a fall and finishing her race. She showed a positive outlook, resilience and a never give up attitude.


I asked some students who went to Darling Downs athletics in Warwick where they saw the Spirit of Jesus at the carnival and this is what they said….


Isaac Williams: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus in the other competitors in the races. When we finished our races and all of the people that were in that race showed really good sportsmanship by shaking each other’s hands.”

Toby Burling: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus in the sense of fun in the day. Everyone had a good time”.

Josh Roach: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus when people were cheering other people on.”

Ellie Close: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus when people were in their events and everyone was cheering them on even when they were about to compete.”

Gretel Worner: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus when you’d look up and you’d see a race about to start and there were some from Mary Mac in the race and everyone would get really excited.”

Mia Knappman: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus where everyone was acknowledging each other’s achievements.


Have a look around you each day and see where you can spot the Spirit of Jesus.


Year 9 CSYMA Students Cook for Healing Hands


I witnessed the Spirit of Jesus in four extraordinary Year 9 students who gave hours of their time to prep and cook meals for Healing Hands. Their commitment, compassion, diligence, sense of fun and genuine will to serve others in our school community clearly demonstrates the Spirit of Jesus alive and well at Mary MacKillop Catholic College this term.


Justine Worner

Religious Education Teacher

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From the Queensland Parents & Friends Federation

14 September 2017

Nominations - Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards


We’re asking parents to help identify Australia’s most outstanding teachers and principals!


Please nominate the outstanding principals and teachers you know, so they can get the recognition they deserve.


Nominations for the 2018 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards are open until October 12.

These prestigious Awards have been created by Schools Plus and the Commonwealth Bank to celebrate and reward excellence in teaching and school leadership.


$45,000 Teaching Fellowship

In 2018, 12 outstanding educators will receive a $45,000 Teaching Fellowship, comprising $30,000 for a project at the Fellow’s school, $10,000 for professional development and a $5,000 study tour to a high-performing education system.

The Awards are open to teachers and school leaders from all Australian schools across the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors.

Visit for more information or to nominate a great teacher or principal.


This is a great opportunity to acknowledge the inspiring work that goes on in Australian schools!

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Chess Tournament

14 September 2017

Last Tuesday, 16 students from Mary MacKillop, Grades 1 to 6, ventured to TACAPS to compete in the annual Teams Chess Tournament. Over 500 hundred students, split into 121 teams, participated in 7 grueling rounds of competitive chess. Our students played some of their best chess to achieve great results and some personal bests! Two of our teams finished in the top 10 which is an outstanding result.

Congratulations to all students who participated and beautifully represented Mary MacKillop Catholic College. Well done.

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14 September 2017

On Friday 1 September,  the Feast of Mary of the Southern Cross, the patron of the Diocese of Toowoomba approximately 500 students from local Catholic Schools gathered  to celebrate the Eucharist.

To mark the day, Bishop Robert McGuckin presided at the annual Diocesan Schools Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Toowoomba.

All schools in the Diocese were invited to send representatives to the Mass.  Our College was proudly represented by 22 students, Mr Steve Moyle (Assistant Principal- Mission & Ministry), Mr Tim Franzmann (Head of Primary)  and Mr Peter Murphy (College Principal) . Year 9 student leaders Holly Hutchison and Connor McKerrow humbly processed in our College banner, Year 6 student leader Elliott Worner proclaimed the First Reading with confidence and Mr Moyle officiated as a Communion Minister.

Our 22 Student Representative Council (SRC) attendees included 4G: Angus McKenzie & Indigo Cadsow-Smith; 4B: Ryley Schmaling & Lani Knapman;  4C: Liam Hackwood & Caitlin Bland; 5D: Beth Pugsley and Will Connolly; 5W: Neve Knapman & Liam Samin; 5M: Olivia Clark &  Ethan Aleksandrowicz; Yr 6 Captains: Elliott Worner & Charlotte Dobson; Yr 6 Pastoral Care Leaders: Clare Apel  & Lucy Wright;  Yr 6 Arts Leader:   Rebecca George; Yr 7: Emma Brittain;  Yr 8:  Zelia Cross & Tobey Burling and Yr 9: Holly Hutchison & Connor McKerrow.


Following what was a beautiful spirit filled Mass, in which all members of our SRC displayed great respect and enthusiasm, all gathered on the lawn to share a delicious morning tea.


Congratulations to all students who were wonderful ambassadors for our College. Significantly, our local Highfields Parish is named in honour of  Mary of the Southern Cross and it was wonderful to have parishioner Mrs Trish Gall (retired Year 2 teacher)  enjoy the Mass with us.

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From the Principal, Peter Murphy

1 September 2017

Forgiving and Forgetting


We can never guarantee that life only bring us good experiences.  But we can ensure that we are not dominated by negativity and unforgiveness.


There are many things in life that should be remembered and celebrated.  These may truly be regarded as gifts from God.  Other things should be forgotten, particularly the sins of others against us. 

Many of us have long memories.  We can readily remember what others have said and done to us.  Sadly, we sometimes only remember the bad things.  All that was good has faded from view.  A reservoir of painful memories in not an energising or life giving well to draw from.  It hampers rather than helps our life’s journey.

It is only when we forgive and forget that we lighten the load by jettisoning hurt and pain that will otherwise impede us.  Our healthy development towards becoming fully human requires us to let go of past hurts and celebrate the good in life.  To do otherwise leads to becoming bitter and twisted - emotionally crippled.  When a person truly forgives, they are also able to forget – possibly not the deed, but the painful memory of it.  And it is the painful memory, particularly when it begins to fester, that undermines our own wellbeing.

Many of our Year 3 students are currently preparing for their First Reconciliation.  Reconciliation, the experience of being able to forgive and of being forgiven, is an important learning in the life of a young person, or indeed a person at any age.  It stands as one of the many distinctive characters and attitudes that should be present in a Catholic school and in any community calling itself Christian.

Monday week, September 11, will be the anniversary the tragedy in New York caused when two airliners were used as weapons of mass destruction and terror.  Similar actions of death and destruction occur all too frequently in the present time. It is essential in that our youth learn the absolute value and need of reconciling with self, others, and God.  Let us pray that in this continuing time of world crisis, our leaders search with unwavering resolution for ways to achieve genuine reconciliation.


O God

Lead us from death to life, from falsehood to truth.

Lead us from despair to hope, from fear to trust.

Lead us from hate to love, from war to peace.

Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our universe.



Senior car park and drop off zone

Access to the construction site has reduced the number of spaces to queue whilst waiting to collect students from the pickup zone. At present there are a small number of parents parking in this section and causing significant problems for those moving along the queue to the pickup area.

There is a simple solution. Parents are only to park in the official designated parking areas. This will afford direct traffic flow for those waiting to pick up their child(ren).


Mary MacKillop Mass and Celebrations

On Friday, September 15 the College will celebrate our name saint, Mary of the Cross MacKillop. The day will include fun activities and a mass at 11:30 am. Parents are invited to join us in the celebration of mass.

Mary MacKillop embodied all that is best in your nation and its people: genuine openness to others, hospitality to strangers, generosity to the needy, justice to those unfairly treated, perseverance in the face of adversity, kindness and support to the suffering. Think of Mary MacKillop and learn from her to be a gift of love and compassion for one another, for all Australians, and for the world


Brief outline of the Day:

Morning Session- 9:00 am -10:40am: Teacher led FUN activities in House Pastoral Care Groups.

Middle Session- 11:30 am -12:45pm: Whole College Mass in MacKillop Centre followed by cutting of the cake.

Parents are most welcome to stay for Mass and the rest of the day.

Shared picnic-style lunch – 12:45 pm -1:30pm, including whole College photo.

Afternoon Session- 1:30 pm - 2.00pm: Touch Football Game - Secondary Students v Teachers

                                 2:05 pm: Senior House Relay Gift race

                                 2:20 pm: Music Concert and presentation of Mary MacKillop Feast Day

                                 House winners followed by Principal’s address.


God bless

Peter Murphy

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