From the Principal, Peter Murphy

1 September 2017

Forgiving and Forgetting


We can never guarantee that life only bring us good experiences.  But we can ensure that we are not dominated by negativity and unforgiveness.


There are many things in life that should be remembered and celebrated.  These may truly be regarded as gifts from God.  Other things should be forgotten, particularly the sins of others against us. 

Many of us have long memories.  We can readily remember what others have said and done to us.  Sadly, we sometimes only remember the bad things.  All that was good has faded from view.  A reservoir of painful memories in not an energising or life giving well to draw from.  It hampers rather than helps our life’s journey.

It is only when we forgive and forget that we lighten the load by jettisoning hurt and pain that will otherwise impede us.  Our healthy development towards becoming fully human requires us to let go of past hurts and celebrate the good in life.  To do otherwise leads to becoming bitter and twisted - emotionally crippled.  When a person truly forgives, they are also able to forget – possibly not the deed, but the painful memory of it.  And it is the painful memory, particularly when it begins to fester, that undermines our own wellbeing.

Many of our Year 3 students are currently preparing for their First Reconciliation.  Reconciliation, the experience of being able to forgive and of being forgiven, is an important learning in the life of a young person, or indeed a person at any age.  It stands as one of the many distinctive characters and attitudes that should be present in a Catholic school and in any community calling itself Christian.

Monday week, September 11, will be the anniversary the tragedy in New York caused when two airliners were used as weapons of mass destruction and terror.  Similar actions of death and destruction occur all too frequently in the present time. It is essential in that our youth learn the absolute value and need of reconciling with self, others, and God.  Let us pray that in this continuing time of world crisis, our leaders search with unwavering resolution for ways to achieve genuine reconciliation.


O God

Lead us from death to life, from falsehood to truth.

Lead us from despair to hope, from fear to trust.

Lead us from hate to love, from war to peace.

Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our universe.



Senior car park and drop off zone

Access to the construction site has reduced the number of spaces to queue whilst waiting to collect students from the pickup zone. At present there are a small number of parents parking in this section and causing significant problems for those moving along the queue to the pickup area.

There is a simple solution. Parents are only to park in the official designated parking areas. This will afford direct traffic flow for those waiting to pick up their child(ren).


Mary MacKillop Mass and Celebrations

On Friday, September 15 the College will celebrate our name saint, Mary of the Cross MacKillop. The day will include fun activities and a mass at 11:30 am. Parents are invited to join us in the celebration of mass.

Mary MacKillop embodied all that is best in your nation and its people: genuine openness to others, hospitality to strangers, generosity to the needy, justice to those unfairly treated, perseverance in the face of adversity, kindness and support to the suffering. Think of Mary MacKillop and learn from her to be a gift of love and compassion for one another, for all Australians, and for the world


Brief outline of the Day:

Morning Session- 9:00 am -10:40am: Teacher led FUN activities in House Pastoral Care Groups.

Middle Session- 11:30 am -12:45pm: Whole College Mass in MacKillop Centre followed by cutting of the cake.

Parents are most welcome to stay for Mass and the rest of the day.

Shared picnic-style lunch – 12:45 pm -1:30pm, including whole College photo.

Afternoon Session- 1:30 pm - 2.00pm: Touch Football Game - Secondary Students v Teachers

                                 2:05 pm: Senior House Relay Gift race

                                 2:20 pm: Music Concert and presentation of Mary MacKillop Feast Day

                                 House winners followed by Principal’s address.


God bless

Peter Murphy

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