Making Jesus Real

14 September 2017

Making Jesus Real – MJR

Jesus’ message is just as important today as it was 2,000 years ago. Then, he told stories to spread the message of the Gospel (good news). Now, he uses the people in our lives to get his Gospel message across. Today the Spirit of Jesus is in the everyday positive things you see and hear people do.


Over the past two weeks, we have been identifying where we have seen the Spirit of Jesus in our classrooms, our colleagues and our wider school community. If we look closely and are switched on to these moments then we start to realise that Jesus is with us all day, every day. Over the last week I have attended three athletics carnivals and seen many of the above qualities displayed by our Mary MacKillop competitors. However, the greatest example of the Spirit of Jesus I witnessed this week, was Bella Stenzell in Year 6, picking herself up from a fall and finishing her race. She showed a positive outlook, resilience and a never give up attitude.


I asked some students who went to Darling Downs athletics in Warwick where they saw the Spirit of Jesus at the carnival and this is what they said….


Isaac Williams: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus in the other competitors in the races. When we finished our races and all of the people that were in that race showed really good sportsmanship by shaking each other’s hands.”

Toby Burling: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus in the sense of fun in the day. Everyone had a good time”.

Josh Roach: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus when people were cheering other people on.”

Ellie Close: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus when people were in their events and everyone was cheering them on even when they were about to compete.”

Gretel Worner: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus when you’d look up and you’d see a race about to start and there were some from Mary Mac in the race and everyone would get really excited.”

Mia Knappman: “I saw the Spirit of Jesus where everyone was acknowledging each other’s achievements.


Have a look around you each day and see where you can spot the Spirit of Jesus.


Year 9 CSYMA Students Cook for Healing Hands


I witnessed the Spirit of Jesus in four extraordinary Year 9 students who gave hours of their time to prep and cook meals for Healing Hands. Their commitment, compassion, diligence, sense of fun and genuine will to serve others in our school community clearly demonstrates the Spirit of Jesus alive and well at Mary MacKillop Catholic College this term.


Justine Worner

Religious Education Teacher

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