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Tips for your child to search online safely - Part 1

17 May 2018

Searching Safely Online

From researching school assignments or being entertained—chances are your children are using search engines to explore online, but with that open access comes the risk of seeing inappropriate material. 

Six tips to searching safely

Please see below the first 2 of 6 tips to support your children in searching safely online. Remaining tips will be shared in future newsletters.

1. Use child-friendly search engines

As soon as your child starts exploring the internet, steer them in the direction of child-friendly search engines. These provide child friendly content by screening out from search results inappropriate sites and material. Try Google Safe Search for KidsKidzSearchKidRex and Swiggle.

Always check search engines yourself and remember many contain advertising and there is always a risk that inappropriate material could still slip through.

2. Use safe search settings

Your home computer usually has a preferred browser to navigate the internet and most of these like Google and Yahoo have safe search settings to filter out inappropriate content from search results. While not foolproof, they can help when children stumble across inappropriate content when searching seemingly innocent words and phrases. Also consider opting for the safety mode on popular services such as YouTube and iTunes. The UK Safer Internet Centre provides useful information about the safety features offered by Apple, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

(Office of the eSafety Commissioner)

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From the Tech Deck

10 March 2017


On Tuesday, Mr Steve Iuliano, Head of PD at MAC, facilitated iPad Technology Information Sessions with students from Years 6 to 9, staff and parents.

Steve focused on the use of apps for Teaching and Learning (such as Keynote, Virtual Reality Apps and Nearpod) in his presentations to students and staff.

During the evening Parent session, Steve demonstrated ways to manage the iPad and promote Cybersafety.

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the evening session. To access some of Steve’s presentation information please see the attachments below.


Do you have a story inside you?

The Young Writer’s Competition is open to anyone, 6 to 12 yrs and 12 to 16 yrs.

Entries must be 400 words or less.

Competition opens Wednesday, 1 March and closes Friday, 7 April. 

Please see flyer attached below for more details.

Angela Irvine, Teacher Librarian/Curriculum


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