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QCIS Chess Competition Results

1 May 2018

On Tuesday night, three teams represented Mary MacKillop Catholic College at the annual QCIS (Queensland Combined Independent Schools) chess competition held at TACAPS.

Students competed in four rounds against tough opposition from TACAPS and Downlands.

Mary MacKillop entered two secondary teams and one primary team who finished with good results. Our Secondary 1 team finished equal second overall and the Primary 1 team finished 4th. Congratulations to all students involved.

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Senior Dance Troupe

25 January 2018

The Senior Dance Troupe sessions will begin Week 3, Monday, 5 February after school from 3:15 – 4:15 pm. 

These classes are a great opportunity for any secondary students who may have an interest in dance to come along and learn a variety of dance styles. Lessons this term will largely focus around the dance style of Jazz and will develop the skills of moving rhythmically to music, while following a set sequence of steps, and choreographing simple routines.

Any students interested in being a part of the Senior Dance Troupe should see Miss Morgan for a permission note.

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End of Year Extra Curricular Dates

22 November 2017

As we come to the end of the school year, please take note of the final dates for training and rehearsals.

Sports Training - Mrs Kate McWha

Tuesday Athletics 7:00 am – 8:15 am – Remains in Final week

Friday Aqua 7:00 am - 8:00 am -  Concludes Friday 24 November – no training in last week of school.

Sprint training will continue in the last week of the term.

All athletes are then invited to join RUN WILD SQUAD  with Mrs Kate McWha over the holidays.  Charges apply.

For distance running and swimming training over the holiday, please contact Mrs Kate McWha.

Touch Football and Chess - Mr Craig Hubbard

Touch training and chess will not be running in the last week of term.


Dance will continue in week 8 and week 9 as we have a performance to practice for the end of year Mass.

Homework club

Homework club will conclude in week 8, there will be no sessions in the final week of the term.

Science Tutorial

Science tutorials have concluded for the year.

Music - Mrs Natalie Otto

Week 8 - 4/5/6 Choir, Concert Band and Senior Singers Choir break up party

No rehearsals in the last week of the term.




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Colour Run Report

10 November 2017

Our 2017 Colour Run to support MND Australia and the Cancer Council was a great success. 

Here's a wrap up of the day...

Colour Run Stats:

  • 157 Competitors                  
  • 122 Finishers (5km)
  • 30 Volunteers
  • 150 Spectators
  • $2000 Raised


Thank you to our sponsors:

  • A 1 Trophy & Badge
  • Staff and Parent Voluteers
  • Mary Mac Movers Runners 
  • Qld Cancer Council
  • Motor Neurone Disease Australia


1st- Sam Hayes (20.46)

2nd- Ella Rogers (22.55)- Fairholme College

3rd- Fletcher Park (23.17)

4th- Ryley Schmaling (23.20)

5th- Seth McInnes (23.39)

6th- Michael Kenway (23.48)

7th- Tom Oldham (24.10)

8th- Anastasia Topalov (24.25)

9th- Henry Sheath (24.26)

10th- Clayton Pearson (24.27)





William Logan

Alara Williams


Jacob Roach

Rose Coren


Fletcher Park

Anastasia Topalov


Michael Kenway

Ella Rogers


Tom Oldham

Gretel Worner


Sam Hayes

Bec Morgan



  • BBQ

Thanks for being part of this great event. Let's make it a bigger and better one in 2018!

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Kids Connect 2017

26 October 2017

KidsConnect is NOW a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics conference run by KIDS for KIDS. This year will be the FIRST opportunity that students across the Darling Downs will be able to participate in such a FUN and EDUCATIONAL conference. 
Some of the Breakout Group activities for the students to experience include: 

-    Robogals
-    Drones
-    30 Printing
-    Lino Printing
-    Digital Arts and Animated gifs
-    Catapults and many more ...

Find out more by clicking on the attached flyer.

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The Art of Breathing

12 October 2017

Do you know why we encourage others to ‘take a breath’ when they are upset?

The lungs take in oxygen, which is used by the body, and produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which we breathe out.  In order for the body to run efficiently, there needs to be a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.  This balance is maintained through how fast and how deeply we breathe.  Breathe in too much and the balance tips so that there’s increased oxygen.  Breathe in too little and there’s increased levels of carbon dioxide.

When we are anxious, nervous or worried, an increase in the rate and depth of our breathing often occurs.  That is, we ‘overbreathe’, and take in more oxygen than the body needs.  This upsets the balance between oxygen and CO2.  When our breathing rate increases, a number of other physical changes occur in the body to make up for the imbalance.  These changes cause the unpleasant physical sensations we experience when anxious.

Do you breathe with your chest or your stomach?

Place the hand you write with on your stomach between your lower ribs and belly button.  Put the other hand on your breastbone, just below the collarbones.  Take a deep breath and notice:

Which hand moves the most?  The hand on your chest or the hand on your stomach?

Did you breathe in through your mouth or nose?

If you breathed through your nose, your stomach probably expanded first, with little upper chest movement. This is the type of breathing that is most helpful for your body.  On the other hand, if you breathed in through your mouth, your upper chest probably raised first with little or no movement under the hand located on your stomach.  This would indicate an unhelpful breathing style and might be contributing to the stress you may experience in anxiety-provoking situations.

Gaining control over your breathing rate and depth is an important skill to develop.  This calming technique will help you to (1) decrease some of the physical sensations you experience when you worry, and (2) facilitate general relaxation through your breathing.

Try this with your child:

Place your hands on your stomach

Take a breath in through the nose to the count of 3

Hold the breath for the count of 3

Slowly release the breath for the count of 3

Practice this a couple of times.  Notice how calm you both feel afterwards. 

Tip: I often use metaphors with my clients such as imagining that we are blowing up a balloon in our tummies, or blowing bubbles (which requires a steady breath!)

If your child suffers from anxiety, helping them to regularly practice controlled breathing can provide many benefits.


Amanda Roll
College Counsellor
Ph: 4698 7777

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QCIS Chess

9 June 2017

On Tuesday night at Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School, 8 students from Mary MacKillop Catholic College competed in the QCIS Primary and Secondary Chess competition. The competition consisted of 11 teams representing 6 schools. The tournament combined both Primary and Secondary teams together in one competition. All students played exceptionally well throughout the four rounds and achieved great results. Mary MacKillop Team 1, consisting of Thomas Burling, Brendan Williams, Riley Cuthbert and Aidan McCormack finished in first place, beating the top Secondary team. Mary MacKillop Team 2, consisting of Matthew Deadman, Alex King, Cooper Smith and Jackson Stansell finished in fifth place. Congratulations to all students involved in the competition.

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